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Aug 15, 2002 06:36 PM

Cape Cod Clams?

  • j

I'm heading down to Dennis in a week or so, and am looking to track down some excellent fried clams, lobster rolls, etc. I know that some hounds were going on a clam crawl, but haven't seen any posts yet. Does anyone have suggestions (the closer to Dennis, the better)? Thanks.

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  1. We went to the Kreme n Kone on Route 28 in Dennisport yesterday. We split a 2-way combo for lunch with fried belly clams and scallops. It came with fries and onion rings. It was yummy and plenty of food. We also go to Captain Frosty in Yarmouthport. I prefer the onion rings to the clam cakes at Captain Frosty's.

    1. There is a great tavern on Route 6a going east out of Sandwich towards Dennis called the Busy Bee. Very cool pub with stuffed animals on the wall and they do a great lobster roll. I am sure they do fried clams too.

      Ask to sit in the bar area as it is fun and kitchy.

      1. This isn't close to Dennis, but they serve some of the best fried clams and onion rings on the Cape, and the crowds at dinner time testify to that. It's PJ's in Wellfleet, on the right side of Rte 6 as you're heading to Provincetown, where the road to Cahoon Hollow takes off from Rte 6. It's a diner/clam shack. Was there yesterday for dinner and it was super!

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          I second the vote for PJ's. I've been going there since I was a kid and have always loved it. Good clam-shack food, good ice cream, good summer vibe.

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            I forgot to add : PJ's also does fantastic fried chicken which tastes like the kind mom used to make. I know this isn't strictly part of the subject, but it's so good I had to share it with all you CHounds.

          2. Just a quick thanks for the very helpful replies.