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Aug 15, 2002 01:45 PM

Best calzones, or even better, stromboli?

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Where in Boston can you find the best stromboli, or failing that, calzones? This italian dive in Georgia where I grew up served a beau bock stromboli that was delicious.

"Beau Bock Stromboli..... Zesty combination of Genoa salami, wine-cured prosciutto ham, pepperoni, provolone, cappicola, and our homemade mozzarella."

I liked them served with their plum tomato sauce. Is there a great place to go in Boston with similar eats?



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  1. Pace which now has several locations and was mentioned recently on this board does a meat packed calzone/strombili that is quite good.

    The whole thing is about two feet long, but they will cut off chunks and sell it by weight.

    1. I got Calzones for a party I had and got so many compliments off the calzones. Everyone seemed to love them (there were no leftovers) and I got them from Deluca's market in Everett thay were very good. They will put whatever you want into a calzone, so that may be a place to try.