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Aug 15, 2002 09:39 AM

Todd English for $3?

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I was meeting a friend at Bonfire (which I've reviewed on this board before and liked but thought was too pricy) and noticed that they have a new promotional deal that I thought you all would like to know about: from 5-7 they have a $3 social menu. I ate my face off for about $15. Here's what I had (excuse any misspellings, I am going from memory):

• 6 Malpeque oysters on the half shell with sweet chardonnay mignonette (2 orders or 3 oysters each) - spectacular! At $1 an oyster, this is a steal and they are very, very good.

• Tacos do Oceano. One salmon tartar taco and one tuna tartar taco. I thought the salmon sample wasn’t so great but the tuna was great.

• Calamari with salsa roja, chimichuri and garlic aioli. Previously, I didn’t like Bonfire’s calamari but I was told they had completely changed the recipe around so I gave it another shot. It is well worth it now, though slightly too much batter for my taste. Great sauce.

• BBQ beef sandwich on a beer and cheddar bun with slaw. About the size of w Whie Castl burger, but certainly worth $3.

This is a great way to try out Bonfire's food without paying their Park Plaza prices.

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  1. I tried it out, and wholeheartedly agree. Go!

    I loved the salmon tartare and tuna tartare, which come with a delcious tiny portion of greens. The steak and chicken tacos are also excellent, and come with the same tasty greens. My four tacos PLUS a glass of Savignon Blanc came to $13 before tip!


    I'll be back soon. And I RARELY go to the same place twice.

    1. Is this just on weekdays?

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        Great question. I assume so, but don't know. Sorry.