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Aug 15, 2002 08:45 AM

Best seafood in Boston?

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I would like to take my wife out for a great dinner in Boston, and she loves fish. I was wondering which seafood restaurant really stands out.

All suggestions welcome.


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  1. East Coast Grill is perhaps is your best bet

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    1. re: Louise8

      east coast grill is the best!

    2. I second the East Coast Grill Recommendation!

      1. yes, east coast grill is awesome - perhaps my favorite restautrant. however, don't overlook grill 23 (my other favorite restaurant) - known for a steak place but they have very good (but limited) seafood as well.

        1. Sorry, I think Skipjacks on Claredon Street, opposite Trinity Church is far better and a romantic atmosphere... Their desserts are to die for..