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Aug 11, 2002 08:37 PM

Clams at Kingfish Hall

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Saturday, I stopped at Kingfish Hall and had a great fried , fishermans platter..clams, scallops, shrimp, and haddock..with real french fries on the side. What was kind of funny was that I had gone to Sea to You that morning and had a bag full of different fresh fish that I planned on eating raw for lunch. Maybe it was a combination of seeing Farnham's Clam Shack on the Phantom Gourmet and seeing someone eating a fried platter; but this was a major craving. The waiter put my fish on ice..and I had it for dinner

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  1. How much did they charge?

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      It was $16.95 for the platter..including a big bowl of cole slaw and 4 warm, brioche rolls...plenty for 2 of us to share...no charge for the fish storage..very reasonable..also a good selection of beers, both draft and bottles.

    2. I am always a tad hesitant to plug a Todd English place, but I have had 2-3 excellent meals at Kingfish Hall.

      Their raw bar was excellent.

      1. I've always had good luck with Kingfish and think it's one of the better restaurants in Quincy Market. I've ordered the clams many times and have only been disappointed once. Had dinner there last Sunday - Spanish steamd mussels in a saffron, tomato-cream broth. Plump, fresh mussels although too much saffron for me but E loved them. Peruvian shrimp ceviche - nicely chilled with bursts of chili and citrus (though of course, not as good as Rincon!). I was in the mood for 'spicy Asian' and so the whole crispy bass in a chili/black bean sauce fit the bill. Excellent, fresh bass, expertly fried so that the skin was crisp and the fish itself moist. Lots of heat although the sauce may have been a tad sweet and I would have preferred fresh cilantro rather than the parsley. All in all, a nice meal on a hot Sunday night.

        Some of the negatives I'v heard have been in relation to the prices and, I have to say, the two-tiered seafood platter was one of the skimpiest I've seen (we were sitting at the bar and saw a lot of them being put together).