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May 23, 2005 12:53 PM

I-5 drive - Oregon

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Chowhounders: any ideas on places to eat between Portland, OR and Grants Pass, OR ? We will be driving straight through from Seattle to Crescent City, CA this weekend and at some point will need to eat, not too far from the freeway would be nice. Thanks - KD

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  1. From a posting from 9/03:

    On the way, a friend suggested that we stop at the Rice Hill exit on I-5 (ex. 148) to eat at Peggy's.

    Peggy's was perfect for the stop, and about halfway to Medford (our stop that night) from Portland. Sure the drive-in ice cream place down the road has huge cones of Umpqua ice cream in a bazillion flavors, but they don't have sit down service and they don't have a rest room...OK?

    Peggy's serves breakfast all day, sandwiches, dinners, the same Umpqua ice cream (even in a cone, if you want, and in about as many flavors), and homemade pies. Among us, we tried the pork chops and the fried chicken. Veggies that came with were out of a can, but the pork chops were good - 2 nicely sized (not thick, but not paper thin, either) and juicy. The 1/2 fried chicken was really good - very, very crispy and not at all greasy. The coconut cream pie was fabulous, the boysenberry pie really good. And the ice cream was good too!

    Peggy's is a good stop in the middle of practically nowhere (a little over an hour south of Eugene, I think) and it's easy to get on/off of I-5.

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    1. re: Jill-O

      The Rice Hill ice cream stop has been a favorite for us for about 25 years.

      1. re: Eric

        The deal is, Peggy's has all (or Most) of the Umpqua flavors and better food
        without the abrasive atmosphere of the drive-in.

        1. re: pepper ann

          We have never stopped for food, just ice cream and then hit the road again. Works for us.

        2. re: Eric

          Don't go to the drive in on the west side of I-5. Poor attitude, poor service, slow, no restrooms, and high prices.

          Try Peggy's on the East side.

        3. re: Jill-O

          I'm with Jill-O on this. By the way, Rice Hill is close to milepost 249.

          I just got back from a trip north which included my very last stop at the Rice Hill Drive Inn--one only one on the west side of I-5.
          Forgetting for a second that they don't have public bathrooms, I don't appreciate a $0.25 charge for water. I think their prices for food and ice cream are high. The signs telling you everything you can't do is enough to drive me up a wall. Don't knock, don't stand here, etc. Thier whole attitude is wrong.

          This last time we waited over 30 minutes for four hamburgers and milk shakes. No explaination, no acknowledgement, nothing. There were even people waiting longer than us!

          One fellow that was served ahead of us complained about the size of his french fry order. Luckily I didn't have to go there as we didn't order them.

          Peggy's is for us from now on.

        4. If you can hold out a little longer, Taylor's in Cave Junction is good. They have been making outstanding sausage for years and two or so years ago opened a deli on the main drag. Great sandwiches and salads, interesting shop, and plenty of local color.

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          1. re: suzannapilaf
            Chris Heinonen

            Isn't Cave Junction a decent sidetrack off I-5 from Grants Pass? I've only been there once but I remember it being a pretty good drive from Grants Pass.

            Between Portland and Grants Pass, I could suggest stopping at the Glenwood in Eugene. They have a very good breakfast, but the lunch and dinner is good as well. It's nothing really fancy, but it'll be a nice, good meal for the drive. If you can survive another hour past Grants Pass, there are many places in Ashland, OR to eat and a few threads in the forum about where to eat there.

            1. re: Chris Heinonen

              US 199 is the road to Cave Junction, the coast& Redwoods, and Crescent City. They won't ever see Ashland and the Rogue Valley.

          2. I have a very, very vague recollection of someone once telling me there is a good pie shop in Oakland, OR. Anyone heard of that, or was it another of my hallucinations?

            1. If you can kill an hour and a half, I would go to Marche in Eugene for lunch. It is a fairly"upscale"lunch but high quality.

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              1. re: bill

                I second the Marche recommendation, but would like to clarify upscale... In Eugene that just means it's not cheap (over a $5 lunch= not cheap) and at least wear a nice shirt with your jeans :)

                check out their menu online


              2. I would definitely say Marche in Eugene. If you don't want to sit at a restaurant, there is a Marche cafe upstairs from the restaurant in 5th Street Market. Great food but more deli style.
                Follow it up with a mocha from Full City to take in the car with you; best mochas around.