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Aug 7, 2002 05:55 PM

Harvard Square special evening suggestion?

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I am visiting Harvard Square this weekend. How about suggestions for romantic/cozy throwbacks with good food. My wife likes clean/fresh/creative yet homey food & atmosphere. I like good chow. Any venerable places where tweedy professors go for a special evening out? Not that I'm a tweedy professor..I barely graduated from high skool.
Thanks for your help.

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  1. Chez Henri

    1. In the square I would vote for Harvest or Casablanca, though the latter has a new chef. Both are tweedy professer type places with pretty good food.

      There is a really good Korean place downstairs called Shilla.

      Also, Bombay club is not bad for Indian.

      One of my favorite places in all of Boston is not too far away in Inman Square: East Coast Grill.

      Good luck.

      1. Hello! Ahh, I think you've just described Harvest. It's on Brattle Street, next to the Crate n' Barrel, set back from the street down a brick walkway. It's definitely a Hahvahd Institution, put on hiatus for a number of years and then reopened, restored-to-its-original-glory style, about four years ago. Right now I'm looking back fondly on Upstairs at the Pudding and eagerly waiting for Upstairs on the Square, so in the meantime Harvest is definitely my Square pick for special occasion, romantic evening out, delightful splurge, etc...

        The interior is sort of self-consciously Tasteful, which of course is not bad: lots of dark wood and small lamps and gourds and such. There's an al fresco dining option, a garden they've got nestled between three brick walls, which I've never tried (never been in the summer) but looks very attractive. And, yes, there's some very tasty food, especially the choices that tend toward hearty, like the meat and game. Basically anything that appears to have been put on the menu to satisfy the salty old Brahmins should be quite good. Plus they do excellent things with tomatoes. And the desserts! The desserts, too!

        Here's the link to the restaurants' web site, and I hope you enjoy wherever you end up. Happy chowing...


        1. And don't forget the lovely Sandrine's, the Alsatian bistro on Holyoke St. one block from the square.

          1. I would definitely recommend Harvest over both Casablanca and Sandrines. I wholeheartedly agree with the previous poster--your question did describe Harvest!