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Aug 7, 2002 04:26 AM

24 hour dining in Boston/Cambridge area

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Hi, I am a grad student from the Pacific Northwest and I will be residing in the Cambridge area for the next few months. I need to know where one can find food after 1 in the morning. Does everything close down?
Please let me know.



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  1. I defer to the night owl hounds on this one, but most of your options would likely be in Chinatown. If you are reliant on public transportation, the bad news is that the subways (and most buses) stop running here around 12:30-1 am.

    Compared to NY and other major cities, Boston is *much* more of a city for larks than owls, as it were. In fact, that's one of the reasons I love living here, since I come from a long line of New England early-to-bed-early-to-risers, it seems.

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      there's the south station diner at south station on kneeland street (24 hours). chau chow city is really good for spicy fried calamari late at night. just beware of the pulsating techno music.

      i think mama gaia's cafe on mass ave and main street (between central and kendall squares) is open until 1am.

      sorry, but boston/cambridge really stinks for late-night dining options (other than chinatown) and lack of late-night public transportation. grr.

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        Thanks everyone for your help-good thing I like late night Chinese food! If anyone ever needs information about the late night food scene in Seattle, DC, or China/Hong Kong let me know.


      2. Welcome,

        there is not a lot, but in Harvard Sq. Cafe Paradiso is open til 1, Border Cafe til 2 and Cafe Pamplona til 1(Pamplona has outdoor seating). In Central Sq. The Good Life and Enormous Room are open til 2 I believe.

        Best thing to do when you get here is take a late walk around Harvard, Central Sq. and Davis Sq. in Somerville.

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          I've had little to no luck finding late night eats in Cambridge.
          (I'm defining late night as after 1am)
          Pinocchio's Pizza in Harvard Sq is the only place I can think of. No, it's not worthy of inclusion in the pizza face-off referred to in some previous posts, but when you're leaving the bar and hungry, it does the trick.
          Chinatown, as Karl mentioned, is the only true late night place to chow.
          There are some very mediocre Chinese restaurants in Allston, Coolidge Corner that stay open late. T Anthony's pizza (one of my by-the-slice favorites) is open until 2am, I think.
          Riley's Roast Beef (now Redneck's, I think) in Allston is open until 3am, I think. In fact, it's probably their most important value proposition, 'cause it sure ain't the food. Fun place if you want to witness a drunken fight or two.

          Long story short (probably too late for that) - Pinocchio's is the only place I know of open late in Cambridge.

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          1. re: oystershucker

            Oh, dear, and Pinocchio's actually closes at 1 AM. And I mean, they throw you out by the scruff of your neck. Of course, if it's during the school year, and the place is packed with post-party Harvard students, they' usually be open for another 35 or 40 minutes, 'til all the pizza's gone...

          2. I'm so sorry, this is why I had to move to NYC, I was getting way too skinny. There used to be a good 24 hour diner near South Station (Blue something or other) but other than China Town (which I frequented at 3:00AM) there's not much to be had. Not even all of the Store 24's stay open 24 hours! I'm not sure what time Hi-Fi Pizza in Central Square is open until, I'm betting around 2. Good Luck!

            1. Diesel Cafe in Davis Square (two stops from Harvard on the red line) is open til 1 a.m. They are just a cafe but they have great salads (always fresh and served with fresh french bread)and good sandwiches (parky's pocket is good). Prices are reasonable.