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Aug 6, 2002 07:47 PM

Cook's Magazine

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Just made the Kung Pow Shrimp from the latest issue. WOW!!! If you cook at home, this is THE magazine for chowhounds. Tried and true and delicious. Everytime! Chris Kimball is a national treasure.

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  1. Get his "Grilling and Barbeque" book, which has a lot of great tips. His overall cookbook, "The Cook's Bible" is good as well.

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    1. re: Spanky

      "the best recipe" is my favorite all-purpose cookbook. i can't say enough good things about it. everything just turns out perfectly.

      1. re: Spanky

        "The Best Recipe" series of cookbooks is published by the Cook's Illustrated staff with Christohper Kimball at the helm. "The Cook's Bible", "The Yellow Farmhouse Cookbook" and "The Dessert Bible" are books by Mr. Kimball alone. His approach is somewhat different when he writes by himself. There are more personal preferences in terms of technique and ingredients as opposed to "concensus" you get from the Cook's crowd. I haven't cooked from Mr. Kimball's books, I've only read and compared recipes. The "Best Recipe" books are fantastic, although I think there is too much recipe overlap from book to book.

      2. Gift subscriptions have become my default birthday gift for cooking friends....Better than the usual bottle of EVOO or fancy vinegars.....They just don't KNOW how much they need it....

        1. o

          I agree - what a great magazine!
          I must admit that I don't often try their recipes - mainly read it for tips, reviews and new insight.

          What others to Chowhounds subscribe too?
          I like Saveur a lot.
          Don't like Gourmet that much - too many recipes, IMO, not enough stories about the food itself (why I like Saveur so much).
          Food and Wine is just not that interesting to me - I've admittedly only read a few issues.

          There's one a friend recommended that only comes out 4 times a year ... supposedly is hardbound?? Very artsy and expensive - anyone know what I'm talking about? Or what it's like? Worth checking out?

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          1. re: oystershucker

            Cook's is definitely the king of the cooking mags, in my book. Fine Cooking is also pretty good -- like Cook's in that it focuses specifically on recipes, not lifestyle features, but on glossy stock and with photographs (and also with ads). I tend to browse it at the Bread & Circus checkout line rather than buy it, but the recipes I've made from it have been pretty good.

            Saveur has gorgeous photos, features, etc. -- always makes me wish I could jet off to the Amalfi coast or whatever place they're profiling. Pure food-porn.

            1. re: oystershucker
              David "Zeb" Cook

              Your friend was probably referring to Gastronomica which is about foodways and cultural aspects of food.

              See the link below.


              1. re: oystershucker

                *hello, my name's yumyum and I have a problem with cooking mags. hello yumyum...*

                I subscribe to Saveur and Gourmet, but went through a dark period of getting Bon Appetit and Food and Wine too. I also get Martha Stewart Living and some of my most used recipes are taken from the diva, believe it or not (her roast chicken is absolutely the best). Oh, and I keep them all. Cannot bear to throw them out.

                I love Saveur and do cook from it. I like the Saveur Fare agenda -- dates and descriptions of wacky food festivals all over the world, like the recent Shamm Al-Nasim celebrated May 6 in Egypt which includes swapping died eggs with the neighbors and streaming into public parks to have communal feasts. I also like In the Saveur kitchen, where they talk about different brands of ingredients, cuts of meat, technique. I travel as much as I possibly can too, so this inspires me to save pennies.

                Gourmet is hit and miss. Some issues are super -- the 50th anniversary for example. Some are really slim and contain few recipes which I try. I will probably always get Gourmet for sentimental reasons. Bon Appetit is basically Gourmet in more pedestrian clothing. Food and Wine I don't love.

                1. re: yumyum
                  AGM/Cape Cod

                  Yumyum, I am with you. Too bad Saveur comes too late to book airfare to the Tunisian aardvark bbq festival.
                  I also get Cook's, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Fine Cooking, Chocolatier, Saveur and Cuisine. I have subscribed to Bon Appetit and Gourmet since 1975 and have kept all of them. I also have collections of defunct magazines like Pleasures of Cooking which was a Cuisinart publication and Kitchen Garden by the same people as Fine Cooking. My husband said that we will not enlarge the house for my magazine and cookbook collection.

                  1. re: AGM/Cape Cod

                    Oh thank god I'm not alone. I live in a small apartment and have actually had "interventions" from friends asking why I keep ancient issues of Gourmet... they raise eyebrows when I say someday I might need that 1985 article about sun dried tomatoes. See, we COULD have a support group!

                    1. re: yumyum

                      Let me know date for support group meeting. Will arrive with my U-haul of Gourmets...

                      1. re: Coyote

                        Laughing! All I know is the first step is to give it up to a higher power.. in this case, Conde Nast's publishing empire. Then I think we have to apologize to all the people we've bothered with our habit. Bring your u-haul, AGM will have the plans for the addition, and I'll have all my "space-saving" magazine storage solutions. Oy.

                        1. re: yumyum
                          AGM/Cape Cod

                          I keep waiting for Conde Nast to help by putting the magazine out on CDs or something. Can't you see a neat little row of jewel boxes on the shelf? Of course it isn't the same as reading the paper version and much harder to drool over!

                2. re: oystershucker

                  Oystershucker asked about the 4x/year "artsy" food mag. It may be "The Art of Eating," put out by a very dedicated chowhound in Vermont. It's printed on good stock, nice design, fine photographs. $39/year. I've received two issues, and have mixed reactions. One recipe per issue, more oriented towards food/culture--a long article on dining in Paris, for example, included a digression on the history of the baguette and sauces (very interesting). I have a lingering suspicion that this finances his interest in travel and eating, and also that I'll continue to subscribe.

                  1. re: Margo

                    I wanted to add that "The Art of Eating" is EXTREMELY subject oriented. The writer, Edward Behr, devotes a whole issue to a very specific topic, e.g., bacon or Roquefort cheese. I don't subscribe to "The Art of Eating" (although I do have the issue about dark chocolate), but I find it fascinating to see how far Behr will probe a subject.

                    There is another food newsletter that is also written by a guy in New England that is less esoteric but just as opinionated. For the life of me, I can't remember the name. He's put out a couple of books that are collections of his newsletters. Will post again once I remember.

                    Just for the record, I don't subscribe to any food magazines, but do own Cook's Illustrated in hardcover (thanks to finding a set of the first 8 years on for $100!).

                    1. re: lroldan

                      "Simple Cooking" by John Thorne.

                    2. re: Margo

                      the behr publication is sold at formaggio kitchen in cambridge. this issue is about british food. hmm.

                      1. re: Margo

                        about your lingering suspicion that the book finances his personal interest: I have no idea.

                        But, I do know people who write about their travels in order to turn their family vacations into tax deductible business trips. As someone who has to help pay their share, I gotta say, I find it annoying.

                    3. I swear by Cooks Illustrated! Been a subscriber since 1996. I have had great results of just about every recipe tried. I especially enjoy the write ups that describe the experiments w/ diffent cooking methods and ingredients that lead to the "ultimate" recipe for that particuliar dish. They don't accept advertising and they also rate brand name food products and cooking products. Their "The Best Recipe" Cookbook is my cooking bible.
                      Click on URL and get a free trial issue.


                      1. Check out Italian Cooking & Living Magazine( I just picked up my 1st issue(Sept 2002). Recipes, chefs' profiles, travelogs, kitchen materials, wines(best buys).I'm subscribing.