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Aug 6, 2002 03:11 PM

Looking for "Eat at the Bar" Recommendations

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I'll be visiting Boston next weekend and will be alone. Looking for a comfortable place where I can sit at the bar and choose off the regular menu (ala Babbo's in NYC or Gary Danko in San Francisco)and not feel like an inconvenience (i.e. they are set up for/expect people to eat at the bar) Any suggestions you have would be most helpful. (P.S. I'll be staying at the hotel Nine Zero on Tremont St.) Thanks!

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  1. Many of the better restaurants in town offer the full menu at the bar..Spires..right in your hotel..virtually steps from your hotel..9 Park St, Blu, Mantra, Locke Obers. Also very close to you..Radius, Via Matta and Mistral. These are high end places (only because you mentioned Babbo and Gary Danko) but there are choices in different price ranges too.

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      I have frequently eaten at the bar at Captial Grille and Mistral. In fact I often perfer it to having dinner at a table. When eating alone I find food is great and you can easily have interesting conversations with the people next to you.

    2. Not as lively as Babbo but still quite good (especially the tasting menu) is the bar at Pigalle (ask for Beth), chefs from other restaurants always seem to eat at the bar there... Or try the Federalist, also near your hotel...

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        I think Pigalle has closed. Isn't it Michael Shlow's (radius)new place?

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          Pigalle is still open. Pignoli has closed, and is now Michael Shlows new restaurant callled Via Matta.

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            Hate it when I do that! How is Via Matta?

      2. If you are looking for high end, I have eaten at the bar at Radius (my favorite high end place) and had a great meal and been treated well.

        Les Zygomates has many many wines by the glass, the bar gets a little crowded, but people often eat at the bar.

        Franklin Cafe would also be a good option.

        1. Grill 23, 161 Berkeley. Wonderful food, affable bartenders.

          1. If you have a chance it might be worth your while to trip into Cambridge. Mass Ave, between Harvard and Porter square is a gem called Chez Henri. Their incredible cuban sandwiches can only be ordered at the bar. You can order anything off either the bar or dining room menu when sitting at the bar. Get the cuban though....