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Jul 31, 2002 01:08 AM

Trolling for Chow in the Proper Pond

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Please, please, please, guys, we've had a lot of new posters, it's great!...But maybe some of you don't realize that chowhound has boards for lots of different regions...If you go to the main page and scroll down, you'll find a US map with lots of different regions, like the Southwest for Telluride posts(just an example, Michelle, sorry), New Orleans, etc..

Hounds in these towns will be thrilled to pass on their favorite places,(much as we are) and you'll probably get more local than touristy spots...Also, it's pretty much site policy to keep the boards region-centric; ask those guys about their recs on their board, and post on their board after to let them know what you loved or hated...If you want to let your friends in Boston know where you've been and what you've eaten, post a link here to your "foreign" review...The out-of-town hounds will be happy, our board will remain Boston-centric, and you'll get the best tips that way!


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  1. But since lots of people travel a lot, the board you're usually on can often help you out. I got some good suggestions from people here for Philly and this is where I got all that info on Red's in Maine. Obviously it makes sense to post to the place you're going but people who get around a lot can help too. That said, I know nothing about Colorado.

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      We ask that inquiries about a specific region be posted to that regional board. We do our best to guide posters to do that. Otherwise, we'd have a chaotic mess, and no one would know where to look for anything. So--if you want tips in Philly, please post to the Pennsylvania board. Maine? That's the New England board. We'll appreciate everyone's help in keeping things orderly around here. Thanks.