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Jul 30, 2002 10:35 PM

Oga in Natick

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I just got back from a dinner at Oga, on Rt 9 West in Natick.It was wonderful!!

I was with 3 non-chowhounds, so note taking would not have been cool. So I cannot recount the exact dishes.

However, some things were outstanding. The maguro in Meat Sauce was awesome, and the hamachi in sesame oil superb. There was toro available that was fresh and buttery.

Service was a bit slow, but the place was busy and we were in a closed off pseudo-tatami room. So the waiter could not see us unless he poked his head in, which was not often enough.

The dishes are creative and presented beautifully. Everything is very innovative and unique. Even the "normal" sushi dishes are a cut above. As the Globe said, it is the closest thing to Nobu in New England.

Not a place for non-sushi eaters. Although there are the standard cooked items on the menu, the emphasis is squarely on the use of raw fish. All the appetizer specials had some raw, or near raw fish in them.

Price for 4 was $155(before tip) with several sakes and a couple of cocktails. So it is not a cheap night out. But well worth it.

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  1. Been there twice recently. Have to agree their sushi is very good and priced very reasonably. They have a deluxe sushi combo plate for $23 that inlcude 1 tekka roll and 10 pieces of sushi, each piece include some unique chef's choice of sauce or condiment on top. All very very good and very tasty. The sushi boat for 2 is only $37 is plenty for 2 people, with lots of different types of sushi and sashimi combined. For appetizers, I love their beef tartare, buttery soft and very flavorful. Their "tiger eye" appetizer is also quite unique- whole squid stuffed with seaweed and smoked salmon, then fried and sliced into pieces served with a wasabi mayo sauce. Another must try is the baked scallop- I think it's called "hotate hokkaido" or something. Scallop mixed with flakes of fake crab and tobiko, baked in a shell with spicy mayo. Hmm, yummy! The other cooked stuff is OK, not as outstanding as the sushi or appetizer, but for those with non-chowhound friends who wouldn't touch raw fish, this place is a good compromise that offers both cooked and non-cooked food.

    1. Thanks for the review. I'm going there tomorrow night for dinner - have been looking forward to it for weeks. Will post on it afterward.
      Have you been to Oishii ? How does Oga compare ? In previous posts, some hounds have said Oga doesn't match up to Oishii. So I'm glad that you thought Oga's food was this good.

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        When I visited Cambridge in June, for my daughters' graduation celebration party, she, her five roommates, and assorted relatives and friends went out to Metro. It is a pleasant looking place. She had reserved a private room where the ambiance is much plainer than in the main dining room. For starters I had a moule salad which had a nice flavor, but I felt there was some sand in it. As a child, I always stepped on "moules" on Winthrop Beach. My husband and I ordered the steak frites. I thought it was underdone; my husband thought his was overdone. Either way, it was a huge piece of meat. I liked the frites, although I thought they were a bit salty. The serving was way too big for anyone who needed to talk or didn't have an hour or two to spend on it. My cousins liked the salmon very much. The service was good, except for the waiter who dropped a fork on my head.

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          I'm not sure why you posted a review of Metro in response to Oga, but maybe the lines got crossed and it was supposed to be a response to "So-so at Metro" ? (that happened to one of my postings today and the webmaster says they've been experiencing technical problems).