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Jul 29, 2002 09:52 PM

J Pace & Sons @ Blossum Court

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I'm pretty sure someone had mentioned this Italian mini-supermarket recently, but I couldn't find the post for reference -- was it 9lives?

The guys from the lab next to ours go there frequently (they recommend the "Big Dig" with prosciutto, mozzerella, basil tomatoes and basamic vineger which I've yet to try). I've been getting their subs for lunch fairly frequently and they're good basic sandwiches. Now I've started asking for extra hot pepper sauce.

Today I tried their cannoli (it's freshly filled) and was surprised at how good it was -- very crisp. (Caveat -- I was very hungry at the time.) Filling was good and cream cheesy in a manner similar to Maria's. Potentially very good --- will have to try it again.

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  1. I usually frequent Pace's near Post Office Square. I love the eggplant with ziti there. The eggplant is wonderful. Light and flavorful. If you like spice, be sure to ask the guy behind the counter for the hot chili pepper olive oil to be drizzled over the eggplant or pasta. Often times, one person will order the eggplant, the other will order the ziti. A filling lunch for about $5/pp. I don't like their veggie lasagna. They put carrots (love carrots, but not with my pasta) and zucchinis in the layers. Nary a spinach leaf, mushroom, or broccoli floret (my prefs) in sight. Paces also has great cakes. I've only had the chocolate cake, but, boy, is that ever intense. Moist chocolate cake with a chocolate frosting with chocolate chips sprinkled on top. Pure decadence. Their cupcakes are pretty good too.

    1. The previous poster was me... linked below. Seemed to me that the amazing sub counter (and aforementioned butcher counter) were the highlights of the new place. Despite it's new cleaned up appearance, I didn't fancy the flies in the cookie-racks. I miss the old J. Pace.


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        Yes -- now I remember! I was searching with ctrl-F on the broad and couldn't find it. Thanks for pointing it out -- was trying to figure out what else to look for there.

      2. I have mentioned Paces but not recently. I used to be a regular at their North End spot. Now I go to the location in 1 Federal for the Italian cold sandwiches..for hot Italian lunches, I prefer Viga. The Pace in the Devonshire Building also makes a roast lamb and roast pork sandwich..alternates by day of the week (I don't remember which is which, but they're both good). These sandwiches are also available at Artu' the North End or Charles St. In the North End, for bread, olive oil, cheese, cold cuts, and sandwiches...I like Salumeria Italiana..on Richmond St.