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Jul 29, 2002 03:24 PM

Gift Certificate for Chowhounds in Love. . .

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I am a frequent poster to the PA board, but need some Boston help. A friend of mine from the Boston area just got engaged. My wife and I would like to send a gift and, being chowhounds, thought that a gift certificate to a nice restaurant would be appropriate.

We're looking for suggestions for a place that the newly engaged couple can have a nice romantic evening. We're not looking for a boring straightforward American place. I don't know Boston well, but we'd like something like a Blue Ginger. Since they've been there a few times, we don't want to get it there. We want to spend about $150 and don't want them to have to chip in money themselves. Though we love the hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese, Korean, Cuban, etc. place as much as the next chowhound, we're looking for something more upscale. Where's a good, nice, romantic, trendy, creative place to send a chowhounding couple in love?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. This is hard. My first thought was Mistral but they'd probably have to put in some $$ depending on entrees and wine. I say Prezza in the north end, Metropolis in the south end, Bristol Lounge in the 4 Seasons, Gargoyle's in Davis Sq. or Chez Henri outside of Harvard Sq. It's hard to combine trendy, romantic and $150 in one package, I don't think I succeeded.

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      Bistro 5 in Medford is wonderful! Very charming, good wine list, very very good food.... highly recommend it!

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        I thought it was BYO??

        1. re: C. Simon

          No they have wine and beer as of february of this year! I was very embarrassed bringing in a bottle, when they informed me of the liquor liscense! Please go!

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            I went last year. I enjoyed it.

    2. Two suggestions:

      1. Oleana is among the most popular food destinations in town right now. An upscale combination of North-Afircan, Turkish, Portuguese, Mediterranean, and whatever other flavors are on chef Ana Sortun's mind. She is winning all sorts of awards for this place. And, in these parts, it is certainly unique cuisine. Good, nice, romantic, somewhat trendy, and certainly creative. Go to for more information on that restaurant, as well as other ideas.

      2. Perdix is the perfect date restaurant. Remarkably friendly staff in unpretentious, but quaint and comforatble surroundings. Most importantly, the food (if "American") is generally superb. There is something really romantic about this place. Also, if they've never been, it would make a good gift certificate, because the upscale food belies the pleasantly downscale neighborhood.

      Link to perdix . . .


      1. One place that I'd suggest is Lala Rokh, a really excellent Persian restaurant on Beacon Hill. Excellent food, very good service, elegant surroundings. It's not particularly trendy, but it is (checkin' the list)... good, nice, romantic and creative. And it's certainly not boring. I'm always reminded when I go there how rich Persian food traditions are. I'm quite sure you could cover two people with $150.

        1. i will second the lala rokh recommendation if you are looking for something a little different but quite wonderful and romantic. the food and service are really good, and certainly not run of the mill. the waitstaff is very helpful in explaining the various menu items and ingredients used. i went with a friend from iran, and he said it was totally authentic. link is below. the other place which i would suggest is icarus in the south end. it's been around for a while, and is not as trendy as places like radius or clio or mistral, but just very nice and romantic. i believe $150 would cover a meal there, since i don't remember it being as expensive as the ones i just mentioned.