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Jul 29, 2002 03:22 PM

where to find good crepes?

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After living a block away from the an amazing crepe van for years, I find myself looking for exceptionally good crepes in the boston area. Any suggestions?

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  1. 1. Le Gamin (South End) does nice traditional crepes with all the traditional fillings (lemon-sugar, butter-sugar, nutella, ham-gruyere, etc.)

    2. Arrow Street Crepes (Cambridge) are very good as well. Again, all the traditional fillings, with a few experiments as well.

    3. The crepes at Paris (Coolidge Corner) are far from traditional, and a true crepe lover would surely find their consitentcy to be odd -- a bit thick and tough. Not the place for a well-made crepe in the traditional style. However, some of their non-traditional crepe sandwiches (e.g. buffalo chicken) can be oddly addictive.

    4. I have heard good things about Mr. Crepe (Somerville) but have never been.

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      I've posted about Mr. Crepe before. The easiest way to see if your question has already been answered is to Edit-Find (on this page) from your browser's tool bar, or simply Ctrl+F... type in the text you seek (ie: crepe) and peruse the postings already discussed.


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        a crepe (comes w/ a little salad) and a glass of wine at Le Gamin makes for quite a nice lunch. don't bother w/ the croque monsieurs -- last time I was there the bread was spongy.

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          We've been to Le Gamin several times, and here are some things to avoid there:

          1) Flambeed dessert crepes - this is NOT crepes suzette. They just pour liquor with no butter and ignite. This makes the crepe soggy and liquor bitter.

          2) Their lemonade has absolutely no sugar, which makes it undrinkable. They will put in sugar if you ask them though.

          3) I got quiche once. The filling was great, but the pastry was awfully soggy. I would not get it again.

          On a brighter note, crepe with salmon was wonderful.

          It's funny how in US everyone treats crepes like some sort of delicacy. In fact, they are easy to make at home. This way, any time you have a craving for crepes, you can make your own. I'll be teaching a crepes class at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education in November, so if you want to learn how to make your own crepes, bring a pan and come on over :)
          CCAE should have the class posted on line and in the catalog by September.



        2. There's a place in Coolidge Corner near the movie house that makes crepes. I wouldn't describe them as amazing though. It is however, the only place I've found that offers them. The name of the place escapes me though.

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            Paris Crepes...Haven't been there, so I can't comment, although they did "Men of Boston Cook for Women's Health" last year, and drew quite a crowd.

            1. re: galleygirl

              Looks like they're opening a branch on Cambridge St just across from MGH.