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Jul 29, 2002 02:08 PM

Emperor's Garden Dim Sum

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Had dim sum at Emperor's Garden in Chinatown yesterday. Much much better than I had expected. Everything was hot and fresh (escpecially the shumai, or sue-mai as my chinese speaking friend says it is pronounced), and the service was quite cordial. Unfortunately I did not have the apetite to try more items--realy wanted to get adventurous too. Another great feature was the lobby to wait in, rather than being squeezed into an uncomfotable environment or having to wait outside. They also have validate parking, so that ws only $4.
Any other opinions on this place--I know the Chow Chau City and China Pearl fans must have made a comparison?

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  1. While the spaciousness of Emperor's Garden is a plus, China Pearl has a wider selection and their dimsum is slightly better. Have not tried Chau Chau City. Dim Sum in Boston is not up to the standard of SF or NY and definitely inferior to the offerings in HK or Singapore.

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      Yes, but I live here. I would expect to possibly have better options in cities with larger Asian populations, especially if they are in Asia.
      I thought the selection was pretty wide at EG, so I don't know that I'd balance the two on that, and the 6 or 7 things I tried this time around were, to me, as good as what I had at China Pearl, and possibly less expensive too.

    2. The gone-from-our-town, but not-from-our-boards, DaveMP, weighed in on that question in April...he still liked Chau Chow City, but read the link below to see what he had to say about both....


      1. Please forgive an answer that isn't right on point,(I haven't yet tried Emperor's Garden), but though you might want to know my revised opinion on the Woburn China Pearl. Had tried it a month or so ago and felt it wasn't as good as China Pearl in Chinatown. Tried it again for dim sum last Sunday and it was just excellent! Very convenient from Waltham and parking is free.

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          Thank you, Coyote! I feel vindicated. I had a great experience at the Woburn China Pearl on Mother's Day. It sounds as though it may be a matter of luck, though.

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            I read somethig somewhere about how chefs from Chinatown branch of China Pearl are sent out to Woburn for the weekends. I'm planning to stick to Sat-Sun there, but would try days of the week in Chinatown.