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Jul 26, 2002 09:52 PM

Wing's Kitchen and a Chinatown question

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I walked by Asian Garden on Beach Street in Chinatown today and noticed that they had a 10-course buddhist vegetarian menu posted on the window. Sounded interesting, and I was wondering if anyone has eaten there or has opinions about the place.

BTW, I was disappointed with Wing's Kitchen on the corner of Hudson street -- they had a really promising menu loaded with Shanghainese specialities (later found out the cook was from nearby Suzhou) -- all the more heartbreaking. Unfortunately the dishes were not up to par: kao fu (braised gluten, called vegetarian chunk on menu) was missing soy beans and star anise flavoring. Braised pork (bacon really) was also missing the dark brasing flavors. ying si juan (rice rolls/buns) tasted generic and lacked a steamy fluff I often associate with the dish. Maybe I just didn't order right...although the waiter did recommend the braised pork over the sauteed eel that I was originally planning to get.

But I ended on a good note by following Ginger's and Galleygirl's reccomendations and got the coconut ice cream at wei wei. (If you love this you'll adore the coconut gelato at Marco Polo and the buka at Mitchell's in SF.)

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  1. I just got back from Wing's Kitchen, and I enjoyed my dinner very much. A Chinese friend had found it earlier + loved it, so he took me there and ordered for both of us. Steambed pork buns and sauteed eel were both very tasty. Stir-fried cabbage was ordinary. Red bean hot cakes for dessert were a nice blend of toasty + chewy + crunchy. One thing I noticed was how everything tasted hot and fresh off the pan, which added to the deliciousness. I definitely plan on going back.

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      i always enjoy wing's kitchen myself--good lion's head meatball and dumplings. this looks like a fairly old post from limster--i think he's had better things to say about it since then.

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        Ah you're right, I didn't notice it was from 2002! This was the first link returned when I searched for Wings Kitchen, so I thought I'd leave my 2 positive cents about the good dinner I had.