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Jul 26, 2002 11:17 AM

good cheap indian food?

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Any recommendations for good cheap Indian food in Cambridge, Somerville, or Arlington?

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  1. I've seen it mentioned here before, but my vote is for Punjabi Dhaba in Inman Square. No frills, made to order. Love their dhal.

    1. Seconding Punjabi Dhaba!! Also, it's not in the area you specified, but if you're ever around Coolidge Corner, you've got to try Gourmet India. I work at booksmith up the street and end up heading for indian food about three nights a week, and it's SO quality. Fabulous garlic naan, wonderful weekend specials, and the things they do with eggplant...

      1. I'd like to second (third) the recommendation for Punjabi Dhaba. I'm a proud American of Punjabi descent, this is as close to authentic Punjabi diner/roadstand cuisine as you can find around Boston. It's always full of Indians coming from all over, in particular BU students, which should tell you something. The food is fresh, and it's prepared in an open kitchen behind the counter so you can be sure it meets hygene standards.

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          Any particular favorites at Punjabi? I'm not particularly well-schooled in Indian food (besides I learned it by way of the Caribbean) and it's often so busy that I tend to order the usual suspects under pressure... Suggestions would be great.

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            We just went to Punjabi Dhaba for lunch yesterday, after reading about it here. Thanks for the recommendation. Purely by chance we tried one unusual, excellent dish. It was the last item on the "chatt corner" column of the menu. I can't recall the name, but the fellow at the counter recommended it when we asked what it was. It was a bowl of lentil crisps (?), tomatoes, onions, chick peas, sweet, tangy chatt sauce and yogurt. It was great! The other things we had were fine but less unusual to me. The best was the malai kofta from the specials board. Unctuous, complex sauce and very tasty.

        2. There are several good cheap places on Central Sq. I like Ghandi but out of habit I guess.

          1. For Somerville, I like India Palace in Union Square.