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Jul 26, 2002 10:17 AM

Zon's/Ali's Roti

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Ate at Zon's for the first time even tho it's just 6 blocks from home (still haven't been to Perdix which is even closer) and had the best meatloaf ever. Had a very tasty sauce with it, some nice onions in it that may have been caramelized and a strip of bacon on top. The potatos were advertised as horseradish mashed but I seldom taste whatever's supposed to be added in. They were good anyway as were a side of carrots. Very wintery meal but it hit the spot. The only low point was the butter for the bread had a bit of refrigerator funkiness to it. My friend got the Tues. hot dog special, two dogs in buns, potato salad and cole slaw. He really liked the sides and said the dogs were okay but no big deal. We got nice service at the bar where they just serve wine and beer. Prices for entrees are about $11-16 which is good, but $11 for a cheeseburger seems high in comparison. That's almost Bristol Lounge prices. It's a nice place to have in the neighborhood.

Got lunch with a long lost friend found thru Chowhound at Ali's on Tremont St. Had only heard about this place so I followed his lead and got the roti, a small goat curry one. It was good but the bones in the goat were a pain. Mine came with yellow rice and chick peas, he got a larger sized boneless chicken curry w/ rice and potato. I think I'd skip the roti part next time and just get a plate cuz they're too hard to pick up and eat and the roti isn't noticeable enough. Then again, the roti is cheaper, mine came to $7.29 with a can of soda. Glad I went but won't need to rush back.

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  1. Oh, no! I love rotis. The Ali's on Blue Hill Ave is much better than on Tremont. I prefer the shrimp rotis - with extra vegetables (not the channa, but the cabbage mixture) - and you've got to ask them to put pepper in the roti. There is no pretty way to eat 'em though. You've just got to put your face right in and hope for the best.

    Maybe I shouldn't share this, but....there is a SECRET roti place in JP run by a Trinidadian family. It's in the neighborhood between South Huntington and Centre Street - it might be on Round Hill Street. You can only go on weekends - and the food is usually gone by 2 or 3. There is a kitchen/grill set up in a small building in the backyard and you can watch them make the roti. You'll see all the cars parked around - and might hear some soca or chutney music breezing by. Beef roti is the way to go there, and I understand the goat is very good, too (I just don't have a taste for it.) Maybe you'll give it another try?

    Also, here's a link if you want to check out some other Trinidadian foods:


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      I second the shrimp roti's at Alis. Yum. And, I will try to find this roti round hill picnic.

    2. I like Zon's too - the food is good, not exciting or anything, but good, nicely prepared, comfortable, exactly what the neighborhood needs. But, your comment about your wintery meal got me going -- I'll say it again -- I wish they'd change their menu from time to time! I live in the neighborhood and would go more often if they'd embrace the seasons. A friend said the brunch there isn't bad and certainly more laid back than the Sorella scene -- has anyone else tried it?

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        Yeah, I had brunch there, it was ok-not exciting.
        Brunch at Perdix was great though.