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Jul 24, 2002 11:51 PM

JP Lick's on Newbury St, Boston

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Strolled by JP Licks this evening and decided to pop in to check it out.

Tasted candied ginger (very gingery, with occasional chunks of candied ginger -- wished there were more) and cucumber (I *had* to check this one out -- cool, almost minty and unmistakably cucumber -- they had to have made this with real cucumbers; I doubt that the artificial cucumber base for ice cream exists).

On the whole, I found the flavors fine (although not as well wrought and pure as Christina's). However, the texture really didn't work for me. The ice cream was very fluffy, almost like whipped cream and melted very quickly. I prefer a thick rich texture that I can wrap my tongue around (like Toscaninni's). Instead, JP Lick's felt lite and seemed full of cold air (probably excessively whipped in during the churning process).

On my way I noticed another dessert/ice cream a couple of blocks or so from JP Licks. Can't remember the name...Emma's and this any good? Next, I'm thinking about trying Denise's mentioned by a couple of folks a while ago.

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  1. Emack and Bolio (sic?) on Newbury is indeed a good place to try out. And, while on the topic of Ice Cream, especially Ginger, try out Wei Wei Ice Cream on Oxford (a few door up from Taiwan Cafe, away from Beech). It's a hole in the wall basement place, serves "chicken-pork-rice" plates in a very very very casual (as in "did I just walk into someone's mess hall?") setting. They have a small freezer of WONDERFUL ice-cream (well, the Ginger is great, the others look good--Vanilla, Pineapple, Strawberry and a few others). Check it out.

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      Cool -- I think this is the place Galleygirl mentioned to me a last weekend.

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        Introduced to it by 9Lives and Rubee....See, I go with them after lunch, then pretend I'm not hungry...They in turn, offer samples to encourage me.(Bites off the desserts of others have no caloiries!)...Ginger and coconut are it!

    2. Although I generally prefer several of the other great ice cream places in town (e.g. Christina's), a cucumber shake at JP Lick's is one of the city's great treats.

      1. I went to JP Licks in JP for dinner last nite, got peach ice cream. It didn't seem too fluffy to me but perhaps more so than Christina's or Erikson's. It still kills me to pay $2.95 for a small cone tho. You can eat full meals for the price of a banana split.