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Jul 24, 2002 08:34 PM

Dube's in Salem????

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However, the chowparents, cheap as the day is long, and all-time fressers, were raving over the fried clam plates, and the three-way combination platters they had at this hole-in-the-wall at 317 Jefferson Ave in Salem.. I asked if it was chow-worthy, Mom said the fried clams had BIG bellies, the fried shrimp were very juicy, and everything had a tasty batter. She was waxing euphoric over the batter. They didn't get to try the oysters....Plates were $11.95, platters are $14.95...For the chow-parents, this is fine-dining prices, and they're still exclaiming over how good it was...

So, tell me, North Shore hounds, has this place been there awhile? Have they made a discovery? Have you been there?

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  1. And they said the line was out the door when they left at 5:30......

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    1. re: galleygirl

      I have been to this place actually with my sister who lives in gg's hometown. The place is packed and the fried seafood is flying out of the kitchen, but the heaviness got to me about half way through my fried clam plate. As I said to C. Fox, no need to make a detour from Essex. While in the neighborhood, Seawitch on Rt 1 Peabody on the way to my sisters wasn't bad and might be worth a try for any one who can't make it to the real thing.

      1. re: chuck s

        I've always been a great supporter of the Sea Witch, although I tend to go for their lobster specials and steamers; fabulous steamers....As part of the debriefing, I did ask the 'rents how it compared to SW. Mom actually said (for the fried) she liked Dube's better...Of course, usually when we go to the SW, I intimidate her into ordering something healthy, so my random sample may be tainted!

    2. No but I AM ON THE CASE!!!

      1. I grew up in Salem and have been going there since the 1960's, so, yes, it has been around for a while. It is excellent!

        1. Went here recently on a best-fried-clams-in-Boston assignment, was very impressed, but my first bite was gritty. Otherwise, terrific fried clams, and a generally terrific place, a bit like Santarpio's or the New Bridge, much of the charm being in the unmistakably old-time atmosphere

          It's in the middle of a residential neighborhood, traditionally very French-Canadian, I understand, and it's one of those great family-friendly places that I imagine hasn't changed a hair since it opened, probably around 1960. But that bit of sand in that first clam eliminated it from my Best of Boston sweepstakes; that crown in my book still belongs to Neptune Oyster.

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          1. re: MC Slim JB

            So, I have no dog in this fight, I've never been to Dube's.../But, on a first bite, first visit disappointment, you write them off? In deference to Neptune, which, I can only imagine how many times you've been to? You've never had a mouthful at Neptune that wasn't perfection? I think you need to hit Dube's as many times as Neptune before you can make a choice like that.....

            1. re: galleygirl

              I'll buy this argument on an overall judgment of a place, but my quest was Best Fried Clams in Greater Boston, and I've never once been served a gritty clam at Neptune in many visits. Dube's served me one on my first visit: on the score of Pristine Handling of Clams, it has already lost. Not saying that the place isn't worthy: I think my comments reflect that fact that I found Dube's really charming and would gladly go back again. But sand is sand. If I get another ten orders of fried clams at Dube's, and every clam is perfect, it still comes in second to Neptune.

          2. It is a great spot for fried food. I would not recommend anything but the fried food. Atmoshere is dated but I guess that adds to the charm. I ordered th Salmon once, I think they had to send someone to the fish market because it took about 45 minutes and arrived with a huge pile of butter melting on top. Stick with the fried food and you can't go wrong.