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Jul 24, 2002 07:14 AM

Billy Tse's

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We had an excellent meal at Billy Tse’s last night. We started out with Egg Roll and Spare Ribs accompanied by a bottle of very good champagne. The spare ribs were wonderful. They were lean and meaty and the marinade was perfect. They may be the best Chinese spare ribs I’ve ever had. The egg roll was very good with a hint of coconut in the filling. I prefer the ones I had at Kowloon the other night, but I was happy with these. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the kind of champagne, but it went very well with the appetizers. The acid of the champagne and the sweetness of the ribs and duck sauce balanced very well.

We then moved on to Peking Duck and two lobsters accompanied by a bottle of Caymus Conundrum. The duck was just perfect, with crispy skin and juicy tender meat. It was served with mu shi style pancakes instead of the fluffy rolls that usually accompany Peking Duck. This arrangement allowed for a greater meat to starch ratio, if you stuffed your pancake well. This particular well endowed duck came with four drumsticks, which made 4 of the 5 of us happy. We had one of the lobsters with ginger and green onion and the other with ground pork meat sauce. Both were heavenly. I have been unable to get a decent meat lobster sauce on the west coast. The conundrum stood up well to the food and was very good. However I would have preferred a more acidic wine. The wine list is small, but has many good selections that are fairly priced. My only quibble is that there were no rieslings or gewürztraminers on it. I think a good dry selection of one of those would have been an excellent match for this meal

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  1. Been meaning to try this place, as I've heard great things about it.
    You mentioned the pancakes with the Peking Duck. I have only seen the "fluffy" ones once, and I have always been under the impression that the flat type was the standard. Personally, I don't care for the thick type, as they seem to take away from the duck. I would strongly recommend trying the Peking Duck at King Fung Garden on Harrison Ave in Chinatown-- best I've had. Note you must order 24 hrs in advance.

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      King Fung Garden was the site of an early Chowhound duckfest. Check back to last January for the postings.

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        I eat at Billy Tse's at least once a month... It is so good! They have late-night specials for $5 and $6 that are huge plates of delicious food, the waiter there has gotten to know me and makes sure all my orders are extra spicy and he leaves a picture of water , the singapore angel hair is wonderful!

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          Where is this place anyway?

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            Billy Tse's is on Revere Street in Revere.

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              There is also one on Atlantic Av at Richmond St in No End.

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                We went to the Atlantic Ave one.

    2. We had dinner at Billy Tse's Revere loocation this evening, and found some significant differences from the Atlantic Ave place.

      First the wine list was totally different, smaller and lower priced. We had a very goos Ch. St. Michelle Johannisberg Riesling.

      The egg roll was totally different too. It was more trditional with not a hint of coconut. We liked it better. The spare ribs were still excellent, but were presented differently. They were separated in Revere and served as a slab with a large knife to separate them in Boston. We saw no difference in any of the other dishes.