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Jul 23, 2002 08:13 PM

Vegetarian-friendly Bachelor party spot?

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I found a couple good threads on bachelor party restaurants, but the trick for me is that the groom for this party is a vegetarian which pretty much rules out the usual steak/chop houses. I'm looking for something American/Italian that has some pasta-type dishes to keep the groom happy, but still has enough of a "manly" feel to keep everyone comfortable.

Thanks very much for any advice!

p.s. bachelor party is this saturday (!) so speediness in replies gets extra points. (yes, I'm a slacker to have waited this long. what can I say)

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  1. Prezza or Bricco in the North End would be fun but not sure if you can get a large (I assume) party in for this Sat. Prezza definitely has that "manly" feel with wood grilled meats for the non-veggies. Not sure how many people you're talking about and how well North End restaurants can handle those sized parties. Maybe Hammersley's or Appetito in the South End (trying to think of larger restaurants). There's always Vinny Testa's.

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      Sound like good suggestions so far; I'll give Prezza a call later today and take it from there.

      There will be 7 of us in the group.

    2. Really vegetarian, or will he eat seafood? If the answer is yes, the Summer Shack would probably be a good bet to handle a last minute group on Saturday, and it's big and rowdy enough that a bachelor party would feel right at home, yet high-end enough to be worthy of a special occasion...There are rib options, and manly grilled lobsters and fish....Yes, I've said it's overrated in the past, but lots of people on this board really like it, and it would be perfect for your purposes if the groom will consider sea-chow!