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Jul 22, 2002 05:51 PM

Hot Dogs

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Where are some spots around Boston to get a good hot dog, either cooked (restaurant/stand/etc.) or uncooked (deli/market/etc.)? It's tough to beat a good hot dog and I've heard of a few places mentioned here and there but I can't remember any of their names.

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  1. Since this is a favorite subject I don't mind repeating previous posts. The best is Boston Speed dog, a lunch wagon in Newmarket Square open from 11 am until the dogs run out, Tuesday through Friday. Then there is Joe and Nemo's on Cambridge St. Government Center, and beside Filene's downtown. Next is Code 10 on Washington st. in the Southend. Finally there is Casey's Diner in Natick. Scroll down for more info about these.

    1. Here is a generic answer, any grocery store that sells Deutschmacher Hotdogs. They usually come in a case of 48 but you may be able to buy them as singles (at least at Stop & Shop you can).

      IMHO, these are the absolute best hot dogs ever.

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      1. re: Steve
        David "Zeb" Cook

        Does any store around here carry Usingers hot dogs? I can find the knackwurst at Trader Joes (but not the veal knackwust). Finding the hot dogs would be great and the bratwurst would be even better.

        David "Zeb" Cook

        1. re: David "Zeb" Cook

          I'm from Philly so can't answer as to a local source. But in case you aren't aware, Usingers sells direct through their web site. http://www.Usingers.Com

          I've done a bunch of tastings and the general concensus that Usinger's makes the best dog in the U.S.A. Both their Certified Angus and their regular dogs are outstand.

          I usually get a mixture of dogs and at least 5 pounds of their fresh brats.

          Holly Moore


      2. Check out Pearl Kountry Klub. Available at deli counter in Star Market. Big, juicy, spicier than most and a nice snap.

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        1. re: Coyote

          Yes! Another Pearl KK fan! Hands down my all-time favorite.

          1. re: Coyote

            Count me in as a huge fan of Pearls Barkers.Tell me,do you prefer the large or the small? Myself I prefer the large on the grill.

            1. re: ScoobieSnack

              I buy'em big. They are great on the grill, but also good enough that I don't mind them boiled. Make my own black bean chili to put on top.

              1. re: ScoobieSnack

                I just tried the Pearls Hot Dogs (they sell them at the Super Stop & Shop near me) based on the post of another chowhound. They were enjoyable- nice snap when bitten and enough garlic for a very noticeable flavor but not overwhelming taste. I still prefer the Deutchmachers overall though.

            2. This might be way out of you way, but if your ever near Lawrence, you have to go to Lawton's hotdog stand on Canal St. They deep fry Essem hotdogs then grill them, the dog extends an inch over the grilled roll on each side, french fries are also very good. they have a special 2 dogs and fries for under 5 dollars. they also serve orange crush in glass bottles. Its just a shack on the Merrimack River but line is usually out the door. I haven't made it to Speeds yet but Lawtons is my favorite.

              1. Well, since we're mentioning grocery store dogs, I picked up some Boars Head natural casing dogs and couldn't stop eating these things. Hubby proclaimed then the best dogs he's ever had.

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                1. re: Chris VR

                  I've had the Boars Head hot dogs and I wasn't terribly impressed. They taste like the run-of-the-mill prepackaged Oscar Meyer variety to me.

                  1. re: Steve

                    The long ones, in the natural casing? Sorry, but there is no way we could be talking about the same hotdog here. There was absolutely no resemblance between the hotdogs we had the other day and any of the Oscar Meyer ilk. These were well spiced, got good and crunchy on the outside when grilled and were meaty, juicy and flavorful. They were also way too long for the buns.

                    Wonder if Boar's Head makes more than one type. I think they must. I was raised on Boar's Head dogs and these didn't taste like the ones I remembered. I got them at Super Stop & Shop, and will look next time I'm in there to see if there are different ones other than these.

                      1. re: Chris VR

                        Given your description of the dog in question, they must make different varieties. The type I had were pre-packaged ala Oscar Meyer and were bun size.