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May 19, 2005 11:23 AM


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I will be heading up to Poulsbo (picturesque port with Scandinavian heritage NW of Seattle) for a high-school soccer tournament over Memorial Day weekend. I would love any suggestions of good places to eat -- all $$ levels -- and, we will have a 3 year old with us, but if the restaurant is worth it, the kids can always get a pizza and we can go out!

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  1. Poulsbo is a wasteland of cuisine.
    You're best bet is to head 30 min down the road to Bainbridge Island, east towards the Seattle ferry.
    There is the local island pub at the harbor (I think families are allowed before 9pm), OK Mexican, Thai (Satay's at island center is awesome - reservations will be needed it is so popular.) There is a good selection to choose from downtown Winslow. Streamliner Diner (for breakfast only - maybe lunch now too? - a local fav.) Blue Star Dinner- might be a good option for you, on Madison if memory serves...
    There is a new place (new as in the last year or so) down by the harbor next to Pegasus Coffee- Doc's I think it is called. Pretty standard fair but you could definitely take a kid.
    The other option is to head 20 min up the road to Silverdale, though you'll find chain restaurants there- Olive Garden, Red Lobster etc. Which are easy in a pinch but you'll get better food on Bainbridge.

    1. Poulsbo is not as much a gustatory backwater as some may perceive.
      On the harbor, JJ's serves good fish and chips. Currently Mor Mor(formerly Benson's) is also good.
      For very unpretentious vegetarian fare, the Vege Restaurant on the road in to town from Bainbridge (left side, before turning on Iverson) offers inexpensive and tasty servings. A bit out of town is Molly Ward's Garden for lunch. On a Saturday morning, consider Farm Kitchen half way to Kingston.


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        I've wondered about the Vegetarian place... always seemed a bit out of place in Poulsbo.
        How is it?
        Hopefully Poulsbo is expanding its cuinary palate- I grew up on Bainbridge (back when it was only farms and trees and had only one stop light on the island) and it still always had a better dining options than Poulsbo... Hope Poulsbo begins to expand its options...

      2. Thanks to both of you. If I experience anything great, I will let you know!

        1. I would avoid JJ's Seafood at all costs. The service is mediocre and the food even worse (I'm not saying it's inedible). If you want just fish n'chips I guess this is ok for that. I asked where the oysters came from since it's very near the Hood Canal, and was told they are local. They were small, poorly prepared, and tasted like they came out of a can. The calamari looked and tasted like frozen.


          1. Mor Mor is by far one of my favorite restaurants, period. When I lived on the Penninsula, I hardly went to Seattle anymore. I ate there on average 1/week. No pretentiousness, but great food. Great wine list.

            Now, to give you a benchmark to compare this opinion:

            I, too, don't like JJ's.
            Thats-a-some-Italien has a cheezy name, but ok food and good wine selection/value. I would not cross the sound to get there (unlike Mor Mor).

            I wish I could remember the name, but there is a place (nearly across the street from Mor Mor) that has a upper deck that has good happy hour specials with good appetizers.

            In any case, I definitely wouldn't call Poulsbo a wasteland of cuisine!

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              Mor Mor is fantastic! Fresh local food creatively done without the snotty attitude found on Bainbridge. Magnolia cafe next door is also nice. And Casa Luna for Mexican can't be beat -they have whole 'pot' beans not refried.. they are really yummy!