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bad expensive meal

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oh, how horrible it is to eat a bad expensive meal. I barely slept last night I am haunted with regret and indigestion. I have been wounded by a twenty four dollar burritto and an eighteen dollar overcooked half a chicken. I may never have the spirit to eat out again. The worst part this horrible meal was the food was not quite bad enough to send back. It was merely mediocre. It was cooked by a person without imagination or love in their life. I will from now on only eat at home where I can cook with choicest ingrediants, be as adventurous as I am moved, and eat dinner whenever I please rather than at the reservationist's schedule. I will save enough money to purchase end tables for my sofa.

I realize that this unfortunate turn could have been avoided had I inquired here about the establishment before treking out unguided. But oh, woe is me...

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    Bill "the account"

    How about a name?

    1. where is this establishment?

      1. My condolences. You'll feel better soon. It just takes time (and perhaps in this case living room accessories). Where did you eat?

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          thank you for the condolences. it pains me to say, and I hope that my saying something less than nice won't do irreparable damage to my karma but it was tremont 747, a place I truly enjoyed in the past.

          1. re: Louise8

            "but it was tremont 747"...no wonder..you should have gone to Tremont 647..much better food...just kidding...sorry about your bad experience.

        2. "I realize that this unfortunate turn could have been avoided had I inquired here about the establishment before treking out unguided. But oh, woe is me..."

          Louise8, It goes both ways. Why aren't you more forthcoming about others who want to "inquire"?

          1. i think tremont 647 is way over-hyped. i've eaten there a few times since i have friends who absolutely love the place (?), but i've never had a meal there that has been great and a few have been downright horrible (an oversalted tuna with some horrible mess of tangled, unidentifiable raw greens on top comes to mind). each time i've been there i've walked out thinking "never again" but somehow they've sucked me back there. i think people go because they think it's a cool place. i think it's a huge waste of money. ok, that's it, never again!

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              I partially agree. What I would say lately it is hit or miss, and the hits are nice, but the misses can disappoint. I think they might be coasting more than they ought from the atmosphere and clientele-groupies. When service is good, it's nice, but sometimes that's not there, either. Too bad. Sorry for your misadventure.

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              Stanley Stephan

              Sorry, lurking from another board. I once lived in Boston.

              But, A TWENTY FOUR DOLLAR BURRITO !!! What the heck was in it?

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              1. re: Stanley Stephan

                raw tuna and cinnamon fried dough

                1. re: Louise8

                  Raw tuna encapsulated in cinnamon fried dough? Is that some north-easterner's vision of sophisticated Mexican/Japanese haute fusion cuisine? (Churro meets Charlie Tuna-san.)

                  Don't let those people masquerading as bonafide chefs experiment on you like that.

                  1. re: chino wayne

                    that's a new one to us north-easterners..and hopefully never introduced to other points on the compass...sounds awful..creativity for it's own sake...$24 for a burrito?? that should immediately raise suspicion.

                    1. re: chino wayne

                      Chino Wayne! Having been moved from Santa Monica to Boston by my spouse, have most missed reading your posts on the LA board! Still lurking over poor Mrs. Chino Wayne's plates?