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Jul 14, 2002 11:06 AM

C Fox

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C Fox as you know we do not know each other if you email me about when you will be in the Bay Area we are sure that you can join us for a dum sum tasting.

It has not been post on our board but GG has started a Dim Sum Civil War North vs. South. But Oct we will have determine who has the best.

We are working out the ground rules now.

So check with GG she has my email address. Just drop me a line when you arrive.

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  1. Thanks, Yimster. I'm excited about the upcoming trip, but in fact our plans (I don't know if I mentioned that my spouse will be with me) haven't solidified yet. I'll definitely be in touch when they do.

    So like Galleygirl to Start Something.

    And so like me to get the best of everything as a result!

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    1. re: C. Fox

      Jeez, I do my best.. My only regret is that I have but one stomach to give to the chowhounds...And that I only got to eat at two of the Dim Sum places!!

      BTW, Yimster, I don't have your email address, but you have mine, so email me....

      1. re: C. Fox

        CFox I have given you my email address so be in touch. Having your better half is not problem. Wait and watch for the North vs the South Civil dim sum War on our board. Forward gg my address I have a list of email addresses for the ABC but I was not sure which is gg's.