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Jul 13, 2002 04:14 PM

Favorite Menu Typos, or things I REALLY don't want to eat

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On the Mi Tierra menu decided not to have the Grilled Chicken Breath or the salad of Fresh Lettuces, Tomatoes, Unions and Seafood.

Also did not opt for the Flesh Scallops at Tom Can Cook.

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  1. r
    Running W/ Scissors

    Often chuckled over menu misques, but always concerned myself with the lack of attention, is this an indication that my greatly anticipated meal might meet the fate of the English language! Who is responsible for the final proof, the printer or the resteranteur?

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    1. re: Running W/ Scissors

      Am not a terrific speller myself; I just thought these errors were kind of funny. Have actually often noticed a positive correlation between restaurants with oddly spelled items on menus and really good cuisine.

    2. My favorite menu typo was on a translated tourist menu in Spain; we were not sure if it was a throwback to the inquisition:

      "Rabbi on Hot Wood"

      What they meant to say was "barbequed rabbit."