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Jul 12, 2002 09:02 PM

Is Mi Tierra in Waltham good?

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I've been meaning to try a restaurant called Mi Tierra that I read about in the Globe a while back. It is in Waltham on Moody St. Has anyone been there so you can tell me if it was good? Thanks.

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  1. I enjoyed it the couple of times I was there. But I don't eat meat, so I'm probably missing out on what they do best. I had the cheese pupusas one time; they were OK, but they came with these amazing refried beans that melt in your mouth, doing wonderful things to your taste buds as they go. (This plate also had curtido, rice, fried plantain). Next time I got the avocado plate, which served to confirm my impression of those beans. Whatever you get, if it doesn't come with those, order them on the side.

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      Forgot to say, we discussed Mi Tierra, looks like over a year ago now. Here's the thread. If you do go, tell us if it's still that good!


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        Thanks for the recommendations. Now I will be sure to try it.

    2. Your post prompted me to get around to trying Mi Tierra on Moody in Waltham. VERY happy I did. Split two of the combos, Taco y Enchilada with rice and beans and 2 Pupusas beans, rice and plantains.

      The Taco had small pieces of sautéed beef mixed with pickled onion and tomato balanced on a deep fried corn tortilla platform. I'd also call the enchilada a taco, two small tortillas filled with the same small sauteed beef chunks with sweet onion and lots of cilantro. VERY fresh tasting.

      The pupusas were crisp on the outside, then soft as I broke through the crust to the delicious filling of pork mixed with cheese. (All pork or all cheese can be ordered as a filling, but I was guided by my more than competent server.) A warm, thin tomato sauce accompanied the pupusas for dipping. I suspect I was served an entire plantain and it was delightfully sweet and tender. There was also a nice serving of a kind of pickled Cole slaw in which those little bits of red chilies lurked. After my recent experience with Thai papaya salad I was a little afraid of it, but it was actually very good.

      The white rice was very sticky, although not unpleasantly so, but quite different from rice I've had in other Central American restaurants. The beans were just plain ambrosial. Black beans, refried with what I suspect was lard based on the texture and flavor, had a kind of crisp crust on the outside and sublime creaminess within. The best part of a really good meal.

      The combos were suggested by our server as appropriate for someone with a lighter appetite (it was lunch after all) but the portions were MORE than generous. AND, at less than $15 before tip for two, in my books the combos at Mi Tierra were also a bargain.