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Jul 11, 2002 12:08 PM

Anyone been to the Wharf in Revere?

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Anyone been to The Wharf on N. Shore Dr. in Revere? Or Gene's Italian Kitchen on Broadway, also in Revere?

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  1. That would be Lynn and its a watering hole for the local 35- 55 crowd. I had a neighbor with questionable taste in men and clothing that loved it there. Any idiot can boil a lobster.

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      1. re: diski

        A word can paint a thousand words...or something like that. Diski, have you been there? I'm looking for cheap--BUT GOOD--waterfront dining in the Revere area and was hoping it was worth a try. Other suggestions?

        1. re: hudi

          I have not gone there but have been fearful because I heard that it was as crispy described..... revere... hmmm...... I live in swampscott up the road and honestly, you may be happy in marblehead.... try the barnacle on front street... the red rock in swampscott near me has good food a little pricy... but they have a takeout window for lobster rolls, etc... Biancis in rever has great pizza right on the strip, and Billy Tse's has good chinese in revere... go at 9 pm to take advantage of the "late night menu" great bargain!

          1. re: diski

            Thanks, will likely try the other suggestions and just may venture to the Wharf anyway. If I do, I'll post back--maybe we've found the one decor that can scare off a chowhound: post-modern Revere.

            1. re: diski

              Mrs jaweino is originally from Revere, and even though Revere has changed quite a bit our first stop when we get out of Logan is usually Angie's in Revere. They have very good Fried Clams and lobster rolls and pretty good pizza. It gives us the fried clam fix we miss in California.

              1. re: jaweino

                I'm sorry to report that Angie's is no more. It closed about 1-2 years ago and has been replaced by a BBQ joint. I miss it as well!

                  1. re: Maura

                    I'm upset to hear that Angie's is no more. We are coming to Boston in two weeks and I was already planning my run to Angie's from Logan. Do you have any other recommendations for good fried clams and lobster rolls nearby. I guess I can always go to my late night backup Kelly's

                    1. re: jaweino

                      What's your take on Kelly's? Would you consider it a fried-clams destination? I'm planning our route for the Chowhound Clam Crawl in August. Would you include Kelly's?

                      1. re: C. Fox

                        It's the most fun location but should probably be last since the clams are only okay there (IMHO). You can always get a soft ice cream at their ice cream stand if it's the end of the line.

                        1. re: Joanie

                          Their clams are great, I'd include them. The lobster roll ($15) is pricey but also great. The draw of the roast beef eludes me though.

                      2. re: jaweino

                        Around Revere, I usually just hit Kelly's for fried clams. For really good ones, I make the trek (which isn't THAT far) to the Clam Box.

                        As far as the clam crawl goes, Kelly's wouldn't be a bad place to check out. Personally, I hate their ice cream though. Twist and Shake, near Anna's Pizza, now serves Richardson's ice cream though. A slice of pizza at Bianchi's may be good as well but not sure how well that would go with all the clams and steamers.

                        Looking forward to the clam crawl - I think I'm ready for my first Chowhound adventure!

                        1. re: Maura

                          All right! Welcome aboard!

                          I'm getting a lot of no-enthusiasm about Kelly's from one source and another, so I'll probably 86 it. Unless people want to hang out on Revere Beach.

                          And if we're not in Revere, I guess we won't hit Bianchi's, either. I guess I'll just have to try this place on my own one of these times. Where is it exactly?

                          As regards Richardson's, we could always go straight to the source in Middleton. But didn't Rubee have some other ice cream stop she favored?

                          1. re: C. Fox

                            Hey, I live in the area so I cetainly won't miss Kelly's. Bianchi's is right near the St. George (I think that is the right name) condo complex. It's just a little stand. My favorite pizza in the area although it isn't as good as Regina's in the North End. But, at least you can park.

                            Also, I have a Santarpio's update for everyone. I've been twice in recent weeks and the pizza has improved a bit, at least in my opinion. The cheese stayed on the slice rather than running off in a slopping mess. Still not up to par years ago though. Question, the SO and I have been debating the "secret ingredient in the crust for a while now. Is it maple syrup???

                          2. re: Maura

                            It would go well.