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Jul 8, 2002 10:37 PM

Chowda Festival

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Just got back from holiday weekend in Boston. Couldn't believe the Chowda Fest could be such a con. After standing in line for almost a half hour we found that the festival had chowder from 3 resteraunts & the US Navy. Not only was it a waste of maney $5.00 but waste of my time.
Are there any different chowder festivals around? I remember one on the Common 15-20 yrs ago that was wonderful & had samples from @25 different places.
By the way The Irish Times won & didn't have any real competition

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  1. Come up to the Essex Clamfest in the Fall. You will not be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. re: 1crispydude

      The Clamfest is on Sept 28. Hope to see Galleygirl there...and the rest of you as well.

      1. re: 1crispydude

        Actually, I'm hoping to stage a Chowhound Clam Crawl in August sometime. How do these dates sound to people: Sat. 17th, Sun. 18th, Sat. 24th, Sun. 25th? We'll prowl the North Shore eating steamers and fried clams, with maybe a beach break to swim it off. Not a chowder-oriented event though.

        1. re: C. Fox
          Bill "the account"

          I think this will be a great time to experience my first ChowFest! Maybe after the clam crawl we can cap off the day with a clambake at my house. I'm located right across the street from Endicott College. Oh what a day it could be!

          1. re: Bill "the account"

            As you know, only months with an "R" in their name are worthy of clam chowing, making SeptembeR a good month to do this. I think a clam crawl through Essex and Ipswich might be good but OY so filling. Do stuffed clams, linguine and clamsauce, clam pie and clamsicles count? BTW, the best clams I ever had were in MaRch. Somehting about that cold winter water I guess. And where do those little cherrystones (raw bar) come from anyway? And can we just open this up to all bivalves like oysters too? Scallop sushi any1?

            1. re: 1crispydude

              "As you know, only months with an "R" in their name are worthy of clam chowing, making SeptembeR a good month to do this."

              You're thinking of oysters, I think -- I find I generally get the best clams during the warm weather months.

              September doesn't work for me, so I'm still trying to plan this for one of those four August days.

              "Do stuffed clams, linguine and clamsauce, clam pie and clamsicles count?"

              Not for this event -- it's intended to be a comparison tasting. The intention is for each of us to nibble just a few clams at each location, so we won't OD on them.


              1. re: C. Fox

                Stretches the imagination a bit.

                1. re: C. Fox

                  I heard much planning involving possible itineraries went on down the table on Thurs nite...Did any dates get narrowed down?

          2. re: 1crispydude

            Will there be other clam-involved treats? What restaurants will participate? is there a website?

            The Harbourfest Chowderfest has been over for awhile; I think everyone got sick of it being a commercial for Turner Fisheries...But a trip North could be fun...perhaps a field trip for the Boston hounds..perhaps a stop at O'Fado on the way home..But I digress...