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Joanie Jul 8, 2002 07:37 AM

I posted this question on the Philly board but thought someone here might be able to suggest a fun place in the downtown area serving northern Italian or "new American" (up to $28) that we could try to check out this weekend. Thanks to Holly for the cheesesteak info.

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    cheesecake RE: Joanie Jul 8, 2002 09:31 AM

    I was in Phili last month and ate at a very nice Italian restaurant called Pompeii. It is at 121 S. Broad Street and the phone is Pompeii
    (215) 735-8400. I had a wonderful Caesar salad that they made tableside, a yummy chicken breast stuffed with spinich and cheese, and a rich chocolate desert. My boyfriend had some kind of pork that he really enjoyed but I didn't taste it. The wine list was nice was nice and the waitstaff was very friendly and attentive. I highly recommend it.

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      Tk RE: cheesecake Jul 8, 2002 04:04 PM

      I love Pizzacato, it is a block from Fork on Market Street, I guess you could call it eclectic Italian.
      My spelling might be a little off, but I think it's right.

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      SG RE: Joanie Jul 8, 2002 09:58 AM

      Try the striped bass for new american seafood, Roy's for hawaiian

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        cheesecake RE: SG Jul 8, 2002 10:01 AM

        We looked at the Striped Bass menu but it seemed a little pricey. (I think it was more than the "alloted" $28.) The food look excellent though...so if the budget is somewhat flexible...

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        Louise8 RE: Joanie Jul 8, 2002 03:21 PM

        hello, I had a very memorable meal at Fork a year ago...the ambiance was v.good as well.

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