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Jul 8, 2002 12:47 AM

Thai Mussels... Where?

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I have developed this insane passion for Hoi Ob, a superb dish consisting of mussels cooked with lemongrass, onions, peppers (both veg. and spice), basil, and various sauces (fish? oyster? not too sure). Ordered with a side of rice, it makes for a fantastic and light meal on the hottest of days.

I was hoping for tips on where to find this dish locally. So far, Sweet Chili in Inman Square has been the only place I have found them in the Boston area.

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  1. I know this isn't the same dish you're looking for, but I have to chime in with my favorite Thai mussels in the area -- East Coast Grill serves an appetizer of mussels that are steamed in a Thai coconut lemongrass sauce that is out of this world. I've had this dishes in other restaurants, but I think their sauce hits the perfect note of spicy, smoky, tangy... get it with the grilled bread to mop up the sauce. Mmmmm...