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Jul 7, 2002 09:14 PM

Galleygirl in Wonderland

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For those of you who don't keep track of chowhound via Hot Posts, I went to SF and San Jose last week. I got to engage in a Dim Sum chowdown with a bunch of the SF hounds, once with 5, once with 7, as we compared the best the Bay area had to offer. They ordered like champions, piled food on my plate and talked non-stop. In short,two perfect meals!

I posted this rundown, (see link below), but a bunch of SF hounds commented in various threads.....

Here are Ruth Lefler's notes on Yank Sing,

My Yank Sing comments,

And the Yambert Lim's lovingly detailed report on ABC,

These guys can party!!! (Chuck S, read'em and weep!



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  1. Oops, that was LAMBERT YIM'S posts(I thought something looked funny there...)...He's now posting as the Yimster, in homage to another Bay-area hound...

    No more posting after white wine!

    1. Yes I did weep. I just got back from Mid Coast Maine where I had a lobster,steamer,crab, and oyster fest. Yum Yum. Great oysters in Damariscota ME. I had the good fortune to have dim sum at Yank Sing last year with five relatives including chowwife and chowkid. They let me do all of the ordering. I ordered everything. Yes I've had nothing like that here in Boston, but as the taste of S.F. fades, I'll continue to enjoy Chau Chow City. See you soon.