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Jul 6, 2002 06:00 PM


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So far, I've had 4 different tiramisus around the North End (Caffe Vittorio, Antico Forno, Piccolo Nido, Monica's Salumeria).

My favorite among these is the rich version from Monica's, chiefly because the espresso expressed itself with distinction, along with a smooth boozy undertone. Guessing that the restaurant and pizza place (they're all Monica's and are related) would have a similar goody.

Love to know of better places to get tiramisu.

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  1. Try the Caffe Paradiso on Hanover Street..Their pastry comes from a different source than the one in Hvd. Sq, and the tiramisu looks like someone's mother made it in a big Pyrex dish...I'm not a dessert fiend, but my friends who ARE swear by it...(I made them try it because it just LOOKED chowish!)

    1. my favorite is across from Vittoria on Hanover, Cafe Graffiti, and I don't like the way most places make Tiramisu, way to mushy, but they make it right.

      1. Got tiramisu time this week and tried both Graffitti's and Paradiso's.

        Graffitti's version is good -- the mascapone has a clean creamy tone and the cake layer is nice and moist. But flavor-wise, my purely personal preference (that is less related to the merits of thesem different renditions as to my whimsies) is still Monica's.

        BTW, how's the almond amaretto construction that's assembled in layers like the tiramisu at Graffitti? I almost got that after the tiramisu but restrained myself and am still rather curious as a result.

        The version at Paradiso is huge but also expensive ($6.75). I think they must have slid downhill somewhat (perhaps due to construction work in progress -- ceiling in the front is covered with tarp). (Double check: this is the Paradiso next to Modern Bakery right? Wanted to make sure I got to the right place as I am rather poor with directions.) This version has a sandwich configuration, with lady fingers on top and at the bottom, sandwiching a thick layer of creamy, stiff mascarpone that was great. However, the lady fingers were not soaked through and still retained a dry white-yellow core.

        Will continue to try more places and report back.

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          Loved the decadently moist and smooth version at Limoncello. The cakey layer blends seamlessly with the mascarpone, a textural wonder. Great rich and boozy flavors. That's easily my current favorite.