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Jul 6, 2002 10:32 AM

Where to buy the freshest fish?

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Any ideas on where one can buy the freshest fish and shellfish in boston at great prices? Are there fish markets in chinatown that are particularly good?

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  1. Welcome to the board E.C. Dan, my Godson and chowsun. In addition to Wulf's in Coolidge Corner there is Hooks Lobster on Atlantic Ave at the Northern Ave Bridge. Great looking stuff. Some people swear by Court House fish market on Cambridge St. in East Cambridge. Others swear by the Super 88, an Asian supermarket with several locations, one at the bend on Comm Ave. at Brighton Ave. Scroll down for more. Happy hunting and keep posting.

    1. If you want the freshest fish go out to the fish pier near the World Trade Center and buy from the wholesalers...

      If you walk into any of the distributors all of them will sell you a pound or so of whatever you want.

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        For sushi or sashimi, I like to go to Sea to You..on the Fish Pier..right next to No Name. They supply most of the sushi restaurants in the Boston for retail Friday afternoon and Saturdays. Bread and Circus ..Guiffre's Fish Market on Salem St in the North End