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Jul 4, 2002 08:38 AM

Hungry for Hungarian

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On a hot day, I should be longing for food that is cool and light. On the 4th of July, I ought to be yearning for typically American picnic food. Since when is a food craving logical? What I find myself dreaming about is Hungarian peasant dishes, chicken paprikas, goulash, weinerschnizel, spatzle, cabbage rolls, palenchinta.

A search reveals Jasmine, but the info suggests that spot is somehow fussier (not to mention partly French and also Afghan?) than hearty, dare I hope cheap and filling cuisine I am after. Is there a good Hungarian restaurant in the Boston area? If not, are there Eastern European or even German choices that might come close?

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    Can't help you with a restaurant but this woman's web site has some great Hungarian recepies. On a hot day like today - I yearn for chilled morello cherry soup. I might try and make some langos today.

    Hungary is a great country. Wonderful food - great produce.

    1. I haven't found anywhere yet that reminds me of my Polish grandmother's cooking, but Odessa in Dedham has some pretty tasty Russian/Ukrainian dishes like borscht, beef stroganoff, and latkes. Here's a link to the Boston Phoenix review.


      1. What about St. Petersburg Cafe for Russian food? It's in Brookline Village. I haven't been in a while but I adored the borsch and tea sweetened with cherry jam for dessert.

        1. How funny- well then, it's not just us!

          Hubby and I were heading back to Boston from New York last night, and decided to stop on the way at a place we read about in Roadfood. It's called Goulash Place and it's in Danbury, CT (sorry, Coyote, a good 2 1/2 hour ride from Boston.)

          We dined on delicious stuffed cabbage, Transylvanian Goulash (pork with sauerkraut), and Chicken Paprikas. Both goulash and chicken came with lots of spaetzel to soak up the wonderful sauces. We were in Hungarian heaven!

          Well worth going out of the way for, but not sure about making a special trip fromBoston, unless the craving gets too bad! I don't know of anyplace in this area that serves anything like what we had last night.


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            I appreciate all answers and suggestions. Spouse and I travel all of NE for work and am sure will end up in Danbury at some point. Now I know where to eat!

            1. re: Coyote

              Just make sure you print off a map before you try to find it... this is NOT a place you would just stumble across! As Roadfood mentions, Goulash Place is plunked in the middle of a residential neighborhood, but with a map it's not at all hard to find.

              1. re: Chris VR

                LOL. I use MapQuest almost as much as I use Chowhound!

                Do wish reviews like the one you pointed me to would include hours of operation. Am hoping they do lunch, but will call to find out, and schedule around a dinner if not.

                1. re: Coyote

                  That review on Roadfood does have a link called "Details" that shows "Meals served", and it says they do lunch. I called around lunchtime to make sure they were open and someone answered the phone, so I guess they were serving lunch. Happy chowing!

            2. re: Chris VR

              As with chili and red pasta sauces, there are as many variations on goulash as there are cooks who make them. Even names differ; what one calls one type, someone else may not recognize. What your posting calls "Transylvanian" goulash, I grew with and know as "Szekely" goulash. My neighbor who makes something very similar calls it something else, and we're both second generation maternal-side Hungarian. All that aside, I can't imagine having a hankering for goulash in this weather -- more like cucumber salad, tomatoes, and new potatoes with sour cream and chives.

            3. There is a Mom&Pop Hungarian place in Quincy on Willard St. called ANNA'S KITCHEN. It's kinda across from the Home Depot. I never had a meal there but, the take out menu looks pretty good(many different soups, paprike dishes, roast meats and dumplings, stuffed cabbage) ..Any comments from those who ate there?