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Jul 3, 2002 09:39 AM

Yet another MOJITO question

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I received a gift of DARK rum from Bermuda. Question: would it be a gross addition to mojitos? (instead of the white rum usually called for?)
alternatively, what are some tasty,summery drinks I could incorporate said rum into?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. As for the Mojito question I say try it and if you like it then it is perfectly acceptable. I am sure that some people would be appalled at such a notion and others would encourage it. Personally, I have tried it and found it tastes fine, just a different taste and stronger.

    Since the rum is dark and from bermuda, I assume it is Gosling's. Make a Bermuda Rum Swizzle which is:

    · 2 oz Gosling or other dark rum
    · 1 oz lime juice
    · 1 oz Pinapple Juice
    · 1 oz orange juice
    · 1/4 oz falernum

    Shake with ice, strain, and garnish with slice of orange and a cherry.

    Falernum can be a little hard to find and a lot of people use grenadine as substitute but you can get it online. I highly recommend using it over grenadine as the ginger and lime notes of the falernum put grenadine to shame.

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      Here's a coincidence - I'm off to Tropical Foods later to hoard as much Ting as I can carry in order to have the perfect 4th of July drink. Ting is a grapefruit flavored soda from the Caribbean - there's at least one other (less expensive) brand around. It's great with white or dark rum and LOTS of ice. Usually you can find it in local Caribbean / Latin markets and in the International section in many grocery stores, but lately there has been a (gasp!) Ting shortage. Tropical Foods is the only place I can find it lately - worth the trip if you've got other things to stock up on....

    2. Try a Dark and Stormy:
      One shot of spiced rum (I think you could use plain dark rum) in a tall glass full of ice. Fill glass with ginger beer (note, this is NOT ginger ale, but a spicy, strong tasting brew. I like the brand Trader Joes' carries but cannot recall the name right now) and garnish with a lime wedge. Aaaahhhh -- now that hits the spot!

      1. When we were on St. John, every night we drank cocktails called Painkillers, which were made with dark rum. These will make you think of palm trees swaying to an ocean breeze (rather than this 95 degree dead heat that we are having right now):

        6 ounces dark rum
        12 ounces pineapple juice
        3 ounces cream of coconut (Coco Lopez)
        3 ounces orange juice

        Mix all together and serve over ice. Sprinkle some grated nutmeg on top. Put on some reggae music and enjoy.

        A simple dark rum and orange juice is also a really great combo, which a lot of people haven't tried but when they do they really like it.