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Jul 2, 2002 11:36 AM

North End Italian - Help us choose

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We'll be in Boston on Tuesday, July 9 and I've looked over some posts on Italian and came up with this list:

- Lucca
- Piccolo Nido
- Euno
- Prezza
- Piccolo Venezia
- Limoncello

It's the first day of our New England vacation so we're looking for a pleasant dining experience - good food/service, romantic, and not too noisy or crowded. Do I need to make a reservation at any of these places?

I'm leaning towards Euno, Piccola Venezia, or Limoncello.

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  1. I've only been to Prezza but can tell you that the room is very nice and not too crowded or noisy the way North End restaurants can get. It was a nice meal, lots of wood grilled things in the $22-28 range. I just had two apps which were good and enough food.

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      David Pearlman

      My favorite North End place is not on your list. It's Marcuccio's, a high end place with lots of very strong flavors. Sage is also wonderful. It's expensive also, with cooking that is deceptive; it seems very simple, but it's perfect and surprisingly memorable quite a while later.

    2. stay away from Piccolo Venezia - noisy and not very interesting food. Prezza is very nice but trendy and busy and you will need a reservation. Piccolo Nido is a very good alternative. Small and owner is very nice and accomodating - A little more romantic than some of the others. Have not been to Limoncello but heard good things. Marcuccio's is great too. Leave time for a nice long walk after dinner. Enjoy.

      1. I vote for Prezza. It is the most wonderful food I have ever experienced. I don't know weather to recommend you do appetizers and desserts or the entrees because it is all so wonderful and too filling to do them all. You will not be disappointed if you choose Prezza.

        1. And the winner is Piccolo Nido! I found a lot of good recommendations.

          Thanks everyone for your help.