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Jun 30, 2002 03:12 PM

Bialys in the boston area ?

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Does anyone know where to find Bialys around here ? I get a hankering from time to time, but they're hard enough to find in NYC, let alone outside of the metro area ...

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  1. You can get good bialys at Zathnary's in coolige Corner. Their bagels are from H&H in New York. Not sure if the bialys are from there too, but they are good.

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    1. re: Carrot

      I heard they actually just get the dough from H&H, and then they are made in Brookline.

      1. re: C. Simon

        Yep, they are...And precious little quality control or attention to freshness is involved..I've tried them twice, and they were rock-like both times..Why would I do that again when Kupel's is right down the street?

        1. re: galleygirl

          Just so you know, bialys are SUPPOSED to be hard!! When I was growing up in the Bronx, only one bakery made big soft bialys like those you get at Kupels. My mother always urged me to avoid the place where they made the "cream-puff" bialys. Mimi Sheraton describes the perfect bialy in her book about bialys; they have nothing to do with the object sold by Kupels.

          1. re: Ace

            There's hard, as in the lovely crust of Iggy's bread, or anything well made in a hot oven, and then there's STALE, as in the bialis from Zarthmary's. You should have to rip the biali apart with your teeth, but it should reward you with chewiness..I see no reason to pay top dollar for two or three day old baked goods...And yes, I grew up in Brooklyn...

    2. kupel's bakery in brookline carries bialys.

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      1. re: winnie

        And the ones from Kupels are DANG GOOD, too.

        Bigish, fluffy, hole-space in the middle FULL of nice sauted onions -- even has the sesame seeds! As "authentic" as I've found in the area. Personally I've never loved the ones you can get from Zathmary's; sure, they've got a slightly different consistency than bagels, but they always seemed a little too hard and, uh, under-onioned.

        If you get 'em to go, tho, just be sure to hold the bag right side up, or all the onions will come tumbling out.

        Oh, curious: cream cheese on a bialy? I always thought "no". For the Kupels ones, definitely no. And yet, people do. What do you all think?

        1. re: Emma F

          I think three things.

          First, I think you meant poppy seeds, not sesame seeds.

          Second, I think cream cheese -- a big shmear -- is great on a bialy, but I think butter works too.

          Third, I think under-onioned bialys are not good. There should be at least enough onions in the middle that they last for more than one bite. That's "Bob W.'s One-Bite Rule."

      2. Rosenfelds in Newton Centre (Saturdays only?) and Katz's in Chelsea IIRC....