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Jun 27, 2002 02:52 PM

brewpubs in boston

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I will be visiting Boston for a couple of days in August. What are some recommended brewpubs with good food near the theatre district? Thanks!

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  1. The one closest to the theater district is Rock Bottom. Don't know anything about it except it's a chain from somewhere else.

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    1. re: Joanie

      Is Rock Bottom any good? I'm looking for a place with an interesting variety of beers. Hubby enjoys beers such as India pale ale, Macaffrey (?) and Kilkenny. My preference leans towards fruit beers and stouts.

      Any place within walking distance of the theatre district would be fine. Thanks so much!

      1. re: shan

        Maybe someone else has been there, like I said I haven't. But it *is* the only brew pub within walking distance to theaters.

        1. re: shan

          I advise skipping rock bottom, it is not good at all, they are all around the country, not unique at all. Boston beer works near fenway park is good, nice beer made right there, worth a trip if you like beer.

          1. re: R Man

            Perhaps you can explain what's 'not good at all' about Rock Bottom. I've had pleasant pints at Rock Bottoms in Cleveland, Denver, Bethesda and Arlington. I know several Rock Bottom brewers; they're hard-working and talented, and they make good beer.

            1. re: Jim Dorsch

              Although Rock Bottom is a chain, I think it's a good product. The menu is very Cheesecake Factory-ish but cheap and good. The beers are solid too. It's also the closet anyone in this neck of the woods has come to making a decent chicken-fried steak.
              If you want a good selection of unusual beers in the Theatre District, try Jacob Wirth. Great German and Belguim beers!

          2. re: shan

            NOt a brewpub but with a very interesting selection of beers is Pigalle, on Charles St 2 blks south of Boylston. If you want to splurge for your night out, the tasting menu is outstanding.

        2. what's wrong with rock bottom is that when they bought out brew moon they told the brew moon employees that they would have a paid month off during renovations and then commence working again. about halfway through said month, RB changed their minds, laid off about 75% of the Brew Moon staff and gave them a couple of hundred dollars for severance. I might also add that this was during the holiday season.

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          1. re: tw

            I had planned on visiting Brew Moon but if Rock Bottom bought them out then perhaps I'll reconsider. That's a despicable way to treat employees.

            Thanks so much for everyone's suggestions. Very much appreciated!

            1. re: shan

              Can I suggest that before writing off Rock Bottom, you check the facts rather than taking someone's assertion for fact?

              1. re: Jim Dorsch

                My brother worked for the Brew Moon and left in disgust over the changes that Rock Bottom made to downgrade the quality of the food side of the restaurant several months before all the workers were fired. When Rockbottom took over, the management and staf were told that there would be no changes since the new owners expected to build on the quality of the Brew Moon chain. While I don't know all the details of how the staff were fired, the story above sounds pretty consistent with what I have heard. My recollection is that it happened around late October/early November last year.