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Jun 26, 2002 05:37 PM

the landing

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I've had a bad experience at the landing in Marblehead before but I'm going to go back. Can anyone reccomend some thing they do well. I usually prefer New American foods not he old standbys.

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  1. what did you have a bad experience with? I have had pretty decent luck whenever I ordered the salmon or chowder.

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    1. re: diski

      They had an item with truffle oil on the menu. I asked them to put extra truffle oil on it when I ordered it. It came out lacking any Truffle oil. I asked them to bring me some and it never came. The fish was overcooked and the waiter was slow and inattentive.
      The menu was dirty in appearance and lacking in selections.
      For my money a restaurant cannot be based on the view alone.
      I will be giving them another chance on Saturday we'll see what happens.If anyone has any ideas on what dishes they've done well in the past I'd love to hear.

      1. re: Steve

        Wish I had seen this earlier. We went to the Landing last week, wanted someplace cool to eat during the heat wave. We sat in side and froze, when we mentioned how cold it was our waitress told me I could use one of the coats that were left there over the winter!
        Our food was OK, nothing great considering the prices. I got soup and salad and my fiance got the Mahi Mahi which he said was dry. The people we were with got a pasta dish and the pork chops and they both enjoyed their meals.
        Good Luck!