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Jun 18, 2002 10:26 PM

1st day in Boston

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At Cafe Vanille (sp?) on Charles St, the $2.25 chocolate eclair was by no means cheap, but it was delectable. The crust wasn't overly eggy and had a good semi-brittle texture. The filling was wonderful -- a puffy, airy yet rich mousse of chocolate.

Got a bowl of noodles at China Gourmet (hope I got the name right -- I was stuck by the fact they advertised serving Fuzhou/foochow cooking and wasn't paying too much attention). I liked the noodles mainly because I hadn't had this particular variety in a long while -- they're wheat or egg noodles that resemble fettucine, but a slightly faltter and narrower. Lovely texture. The rest of the dish (broth, veggies and meat) were fine but undistinguished. There's a couple of sections of Foochow dishes that might be worth trying. My mom mentioned that one thing to look for was fish balls (which they had but not with noodles). The genuine versions are stuffed with minced pork.

There's a tiny second floor food court just down the block (apologies - still trying to learn street names) -- snuck up, got an OK green bean ice drink. I noticed 3 stalls there with a fairly decent repeitoire -- am I making sense and has anyone eaten there?

At Eldo Bakery I got a pretty good egg tart -- nice flaky crust and silky custard (but could be richer).

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  1. And, he's off!!!!!

    Yhe food court is just called the Chinatown Eatery,I think, altho some friends of mine call it the "blade-runner bldg"...Corner of Harrison and Beach St...Always changing tenants, has definitely gone thru different phases. I haven't found much good there lately, except for the seafood congee at the Swatowese (sp?) Cuisine. I think they were the first boba place in town. There's a bahn mi cart downstairs in the entryway that I haven't tried yet...

    I don't know the China Gourmet, can you remember where it was?

    My favorite for egg tarts is Ho Yuen Bakery, about 1/2 a block from the Chinatown Eatery, same side of the street....

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      China Gourmet (assuming I got the name right) is just a block ortwo away from the Chinatown Eatery.

      The Swatow place sounds really interesting -- I'm guessing that's Teochew cooking based on the name. Haven't seen much of that style of Chinese back West.

      1. re: galleygirl

        Gosh....Ho Yuen sounds awefully familiar now...I wonder if I got the names mixed up (very likely, given the flood of new places I'm encountering). Will verify soon!

      2. Oops - I did get the name of the egg tart place wrong -- it was Maxim's, on the corner of Harrison and Beach.