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Jun 17, 2002 04:28 PM

Super 88 Asian Market

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Someone told me there was a Super 88 in the Allston/Brighton area. I think there is one in Dorchester but looking for one closer to me in Watertown.

There aren't any Asian markets by me, so Brighton would be a find.

Thanks to anyone with info

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  1. There is, and it is awesome.
    On Brighton Ave, right where Brighton meets Comm Ave. Free parking too!

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    1. re: Alan H

      Thanks Alan, I know where that is. Can't believe I've never seen it before! I'm heading there tomorrow.

      1. re: jpan99

        There is also Reliable Market in Union Square.


        1. re: Melly

          Reliable is quite good, but it doesn't have anything close to the the range of products that Super 88 has. If I were in or near Union Sq. (Somerville, not Union Sq Brighton) I'd go to Reliable, but I wouldn't travel very far to go there.

          1. re: AlanH

            Apples and oranges. I wouldn't really compare the two markets because they're very different. Super 88 stocks mostly chinese and southeast asian groceries and I would definitely head there to find any chinese, thai, or vietnamese goods. If you want korean and japanese goods, like a dozen varieties of pickled daikon or varieties of japanese/korean rice, you are definitely better off going to Reliable, and it is worth the trek.

            1. re: Eric Eto

              It's been over three years since I left Boston, so I'm probably way out of date. Reliable was much cleaner, and, as you pointed out, carried almost exclusively Korean goods. They had a great meat section with good prices for very fresh cuts. I'd get bulgogi, kalbi and pork belly there all the time. They also had a big selection of "tenpura" (fish cakes), including some with burdock and cuttlefish (yum!).
              What else... oh yeah, a large and tasty selection of cooked side dishes. When I was feeling lazy, I'd go get the pre-packed bibimbap toppings and thow it on a big bowl of rice.

      2. re: Alan H

        That's what I'm talking about! I have 4 (adopted) Korean nieces and nephews, and I am going to visit them in Sept. and they've never ever experienced Korean food. We are taking some red kim chee and white kim chee and also we're going to do Korean BBQ for them. If anyone knows Korean food...can you recommend any candies/snacks I can get at Reliable or ask for that would be enjoyable to the children? They are all very interested in all things Korean and looking very forward to the Korean Family Cookout!

      3. Super 88 has more selection and probably better prices but for the sake of additional information there's also the Japanese market Kotobukiya in Porter Square, which is on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge near the Somerville border, which probably isn't too far away from you either.


        1. I've only been there once, briefly. Their beverage aisle is unbelievable! I snatched up a few cans of drinks I'd never tried: white gourd drink, chrysanthemum tea, basil seed (with banana flavoring), sugar cane, and pearl milk tea (which I'm trying right now, and it's delicious - kind of a pale chocolate milk color, but tastes vaguely prune juice-y).

          1. I went this morning. It's amazing. I was so overwelmed! I could spend hours in their reading all the labels and checking out all the varieties of foods.

            I bought some wonderful dried mushrooms at about 1/4 of the price in the local supermarkets, some dried carrot noodles, and some tiny little peanuts in the shell from Singapore that have a red color to them. They are very crisp, a little salty, but definately interesting.

            I'll be a regular shopper for sure.