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Jun 13, 2002 07:19 PM

ooh la lamb

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If anyone's heading to Dali soon, just want to suggest the current lamb chop in peach sauce tapa on the specials menu. Not sure if it was just our mood, the cook's mood, or the sangria, but the tapas were particularly tasty when we went to celebrate a birthday this week.

Best of all was the lamb: three dainty chops char-grilled and resting on savory, tangy, rich, complex peach sauce. We struggled to identify the ingredients--we seemed to taste broth, mushroom?, tarragon?, and vinegar, besides the peach, but couldn't really tell, and now I also can't quite remember. But, we were sure that it was lovely and sopped up every bit. The flavors were quite intense, the kind you want in a tapa-sized dish rather than in an entree that would get overbearing after awhile. It makes sense that this dish was good. While some of the entrees like paella are disappointing at Dali, the sauces seem to be a strong point. The piedra also comes with three yummy dipping sauces...but I digress. Lamb lovers should definitely give the chops a try.

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  1. I'm heading back to Dali after 4 weeks of being deprived, and I am SO glad to hear of this tapas on the tapas nuevas menu. It will definitely be one of the tapas we get tonight - thanks for the tip!