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Jun 13, 2002 01:58 PM

more Kendall Sq. disappointment

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So after 3 bad reviews of Amelia's, we decided to try the Kendall Cafe, which is also part of Idine. Nothing was more than $12 on the menu, about 4 sandwiches and 8 interesting entrees that came with salad. My friend got steak tips w/ mashed potatos. He ordered the veg. of the day which was supposed to be summer squash and zucchini but was actually sauteed green beans. They were good tho. My meal was a bummer. "Jerk" chicken w/ "dirty" rice and sauteed kale. The kale was good. The chicken had absolutely zero spice. It seemed like the cheapest thighs they could find plopped on top of plain ole rice that had no dirty aspect to it at all. The salad was okay but both that and entrees were served in dishes way too small for the amount of food. Service was not bad for the girl training and fairly bad for the trainer who ignored us for the most part. The bar tables were too high for the stools provided. Not worth even $10 minus 20%. Would rather have had a bad meal at Amelia's which is at least cute and comfy looking. Maybe.

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  1. Sorry to hear it wasn't good -- I've had bar food there (nachos, etc.) and it was below-average, but I like the beer selection and the good music. You've probably already tried everything in that area of Kendall Sq., but my personal faves for dinners in that neighborhood are B-Side Lounge, (excellent mussels, salads, side dishes, etc. -- sometimes overly salty, but good), Emma's for pizza, the Blue Room for wine and appetizers and amazing bread, and Atasca for fab. seafood, portuguese food. I also like the BBQ turkey burger at the Cambridge Brewery. For lunch, I like the trucks by MIT for vietnamese, and lots of people swear by the Harvard Street puerto rican place, Izzy's.