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Jun 13, 2002 12:09 PM

McDonald's Lobster Roll

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It had to be tried.

The verdict: Hey, it's lobster.

From presentation to taste, the whole thing resembles classic cafeteria food. Served in a plastic cafeteria-style container, it has obviously been chilling for a while, as the bread has that cool dry airy texture that bad bread takes on when refrigerated. As for the filling, well, again, its IS lobster. And, no matter what they may have done to try to destroy it's flavor (freeze, cover in mayo, who knows what else?), it still tastes like lobster. Which is a good thing.

So, in sum, I would recommend the lobster roll only to someone who is desperate for lobster, with limited options, and only $5.50 to spend.

Otherwise, hop in a car, and drive north until you hit Red's Eats!

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  1. The first time I had it was better than the 2nd, and it was only $3.75 I think. D'Angelos has one too that isn't horrible but about $7.95.

    How far is Red's from Portland? I've seen that on the Food Network too and would like to try it but it's probably out of the way.

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    1. re: Joanie
      Bill "the account"

      Guilty as charged. I too have tried the McDonald's Lobster roll and thought it was pretty decent for the amount and price. The last time I bought the roll I removed the lobster meat and placed it on a homemade toasted butter roll. To be honest if you didn't tell me it was from McDonald's I wouldn't have guessed. Their lobsters are from Canada BTW.

      1. re: Bill "the account"

        How do the compare with Stop & Shops. When really cravin & unable to get the real thing I tried S&S lobster roll & survived. It wasn't the best but it was a lobster roll

        1. re: Mae

          Way less mayo than Stop and Shop's.....

      2. re: Joanie

        Red's, which serves the very best lobster roll in Maine, is in Wiscasset. I'm thinking it's maybe an hour or so from Portland, unless you're heading there Friday afternoon. It's impossible to miss, on Route 1 just before you get to the bridge. Whatever the distance, it's worth the trip.

        They also serve a crab roll this time of year which Red prefers even over his lobster roll.

        The lobster roll contains more than one full lobster. Nothing else on the bun. It comes with mayo, melted butter or both.

        I'll let you guess whether the pic below is a Red's or a McDonald's lobster roll.

        Holly Moore



        1. re: Joanie

          Red's is a four-hour drive from Boston. Yup, the Lobster-roll is great, but not an eight-hour round trip great!! Sure is better than McDonalds', but when the only option IS McDonald's, it'spretty exciting to get a DECENT snack for a decent price..
          On the other hand, of you're on your way, to say Rockland or Camden, I wouldn't stop at McD's...But that's a whole 'nother country...

          1. re: galleygirl

            Just checked Mapquest. 152 miles from Boston, mostly interstate. Guess it depends on the traffic (4 hours = leaving Friday afternoon and doing time at the Hampton Tolls). When I was in Boothbay Harbor for a couple of weeks earlier this month, friends visited from Quincy. They said 2 3/4 hours each way and Boothbay Harbor is about a 20 minute drive from Red's (one that I made quite often over those two weeks).

            As to whether it's worth the time, I think that depends on the driver. Strikes me as a nice Saturday outing especially when combined with a stop at the Sea Basket (also in Wiscasset) for fried clams and chowder or bisque.

            Holly Moore



            1. re: Holly Moore

              Red's may be slightly less than 4 hours,maybe as little as 3 if you hit it well, but it's a haul, spoken as a woman who drove it as a commute every few weeks all summer for many years. And of course, if, as a hound, a 6 hour round trip is worth the lobster roll, go for it!

              1. re: Holly Moore

                You and all your enticing pictures of Red's! So I'm gonna be in Portland next weekend anyway and that's why I'm esp. curious. I was planning on hitting some clam shack on the way back to Boston on Sun. but if it wasn't TOO far north, I'd go to Red's instead then zip back. Sounds like I should probably do it, huh?

                1. re: Joanie

                  Sounds like a plan to me. Just get an early start so you don't get caught in all that Sunday afternoon/evening traffic heading out of Maine to points South.

                  And if you have the capacity, the New York Times raved about the fried clams at the Sea Basket on Route 1 (west side) just as you're entering Wiscasset. If you've a mind to, there are also some nice shops in the area around Red's.

                  Holly Moore


          2. Or, if you are more pressed for time, drive an hour to Warwick, RI, sit on the upper level deck at Cherrystone's, look out over Oakland Beach and the bay, and enjoy their excellent and reasonably priced lobster salad plate along with the Summer Adult Beverage of your choice.