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Jun 11, 2002 10:27 PM

Feeding the masses for cheap

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Unusual question, perhaps, but I thought people who knew food might also know how to get the most for the least...

As the program director for a small non-profit organization , I have to feed lunch to a group of about 40 folks on a small budget (approx. $100). I'd like the food to be edible AND plentiful but I do not have time to make it myself.

Any ideas for take-out or catering places that could rise to this challenge?

Thanks for any tips!

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  1. Ask around among restaurants and delis with catering menus -- places that are set up to do this. A lot of people will donate food for a good cause. Or check out new restaurants that might like a little free advertising. A friend of mine just had her arts-in-the-parks opening catered for free by a new barbecue place that had just opened in her town.

    1. What's the neighborhood? CFox is right, but you gottah think local...

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        The neighborhood is Cambridge (Harvard Square area). Anyone know specific places that are amenable to giving food donations?

      2. I know people who have had good success with the local supermarket chains. You apply to them for a gift certificate, typically, and then redeem it for whatever you need. They all have forms that you fill out and that a manager reviews. I know that Star Market and Bread and Circus have been responsive in the recent past. Each branch does its own thing, so you will need to get around to them. Trader Joe's is also good, they typically give out some specific food that you requested rather than a gift certificate. I know of a request for breakfast food for 100 that got tons of cereal, fresh bagels and some jams from Trader Joe's and rounded that out with milk, butter, etc. off of a gift certificate to Star.