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Jun 11, 2002 03:10 PM

fun place for 25th birthday party/dinner?

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my friend is celebrating her 25th on thursday and had planned on an outdoor picnic party. I don't think that the weather will be that great so any good idea's for a fun spot to celebrate with dinner and drinks? Thanks so much.

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  1. There were threads about restaurants for a bachelor party on 5/14 and 5/29 you might get ideas from. Also Limbo, Silvertone and Sonsie would be fun. There are always celebrities at Ciao Bella it seems. (Has anyone eaten there recently? Do they pay people to eat at that restaurant?) In Cambridge, Blue Room or Green St. Grill maybe.

    1. Tapeo on Newbury St is ideal for a party.

      Fabulous tapas that everyone can share and sangria!

      I'm pretty sure they take reservations for 6 or more, as well.

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        Tapeo is a great place to have dinner and Sangria with a group of friends. I have never been disappointed at Tapeo!

        However I *think* that they don't take reservations for Thursday nights after 6 PM. I know I was once having dinner there with a group of 7 people at 7 PM on a Thursday and they would not accept a reservation, so I had to ge there early to put my name on the list.

        However, they do book private parties, so maybe if your group is big enough, you may want to try that route!

        Link: http://www.tapeorestaurant.com/

      2. How about the East Coast Grill in Cambridge? It is always fun and the margaritas are as good as the food, which I think is pretty yummy!