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Jun 10, 2002 11:48 AM

Amelia's Trattoria in Cambridge

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Hi. Has anybody been to this restaurant and if
yes, any good recommendations. Thanks.

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  1. I had lunch here about a month ago. I belivee I had a pasta dish and my companion had a pizza. I rememebr that mine was very good (sorry, can't rememebr anything more than that) and she really liked hers and could only finish about 1/3 of it.

    She works near there and said that she has eaten there a few times and every time the food was good.

    I remember the server was very good- a nice mix of friendly and efficient. The tables were a bit crowded.

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    1. re: Chris VR

      I'm actually going on Wed. too. It doesn't look like many people go there, in the nite time at least. We'll see.

      1. re: Joanie

        Sorry if this rains on your anticipated evening, and I hesitate to write because maybe you are really looking forward to this, but I went there about two months ago and it was one of the worst restaurant experiences in that price range that I have ever had. The waitress was surly and practically threw the food and drink around. It felt like we were in a family-style diner. My tortellini with sage and winter squash was incredibly greasy and the sage leaves were charred. It was just gross. My boyfriend had some kind of risotto that was bland and fairly harmless. Our dining companion had some kind of pasta that was floating in oil, in fact, we discussed what the best way to drain each bite would be. Maybe this was just a terribly off night, but this is not an inexpensive restaurant; I would never waste a chance at a good meal on this place again.

        1. re: Carrot

          I have to agree, I went about 8 months ago and the food was absolutley horrible. Pastas were sitting in pools of sauces and very hard to find. I was excited when they opened for a good Italian restaurant but after my dinner I was very dissapointed. Service was inattentive and brass, and I wondered if the server had any idea what proper wine service was as he filled our glasses to the brim. Don't waste your time or money here and head to the North End for a proper Italian restaurant.

          1. re: sammy

            Agreed with these posts. Had lunch there -- pastas were heavy and rather greasy, the lunchtime panini fare was no better than the local deli, Max's, at twice the price. It was one of those experiences where our table had no bread and empty water glasses, while our waiters were sitting around shooting the breeze at the bar.

            1. re: beanbag

              Maybe we should rethink this and go back to Emma's, or try the Kendall Cafe.